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Do White Men Still Have a Singular Claim to Power in Politics?

In a new podcast, titled “The Dream Was Not Mine,” on The United States of Anxiety, produced by WNYC studios, Amanda Aronczyk and Nancy Solomon explore how midterm elections could be affected by the rise of women pushing back against sexual and domestic abuse in politics and in the White House.

Andrew Cuomo

NY Bans Guns For Domestic Abusers

New York’s new law barring anyone convicted of domestic abuse from owning firearms will save lives, says Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He signed the legislation April 24 in a public ceremony that doubled as a platform to attack federal inaction on gun violence.

Puerto Rico

Domestic Abuse: Puerto Rico’s Women in Crisis

A dedicated network of psychologists, advocates and shelters has emerged to cope with the rise in domestic violence victims since last year’s Hurricane Maria. The challenge is complicated by the slow pace of reconstruction and the lack of government resources.  

Jessica Lenahan

Keeping Victims Safe: Police Accountability and Domestic Violence

Since Colorado domestic violence victim Jessica Lenahan won her human rights case in 2011, police in many states still have a long way to go in enforcing federal laws requiring them to respond proactively to victims’ needs, speakers at a screening of the 2017 documentary Home Truth about the Lenahan case said this month.

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Can Abusers Break Their Patterns?

In a church basement about 20 miles northwest of Sacramento, a man who asked to be called “Sam” told a circle of a dozen men about his latest arrest. That was the one that landed him in Manalive (Men Allied Nationally Against Living in Violent Environments), a batterer intervention program that meets for three hours every week over the course of a year. The facilitator, David Morton, who is well over six feet tall, broad-shouldered and bald, with white whiskers, […]