Department of Justice

DOJ Backs Down on Justice Reinvestment

The Justice Department had announced a new direction for the justice reinvestment program that encourages states to cut prison populations. The proposal has been withdrawn after advocates of reinvestment sought support from key members of Congress.


Trump Seeks Shutdown of New School Safety Studies

Two days before the Parkland, Fl., school shooting, the Office of Management and Budget asked Congress to shut down a $50 million federal program funding research on school safety. Criminologists warn ending the program would “detract from efforts to reduce/avoid future school shootings and violence.”

pain pills

Opioids: Chasing the Wrong ‘Epidemic’

Chronic pain patients—and the doctors who prescribe for them— are being turned into scapegoats for the opioid crisis, writes a patient advocate.


Sessions Backs Stronger DEA Role in Combating Opioid Crisis

The Attorney General tells a news conference that “effective enforcement” should be a priority for new legislation. He also announced a new DEA Division for the Appalachian region, and the appointment of Kellyanne Conway, one of President Trump’s top advisers, to oversee White House initiatives to combat opioid abuse. 


Public Safety Summit Draws Officials From 50 States

Pennsylvania corrections chief John Wetzel launched the two-day Washington meeting with an appeal to legislators, corrections administrators, police chiefs and health officials to work together on evidence-based solutions. Another speaker said the White House would back unspecified reforms.

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Your Assets Are Mine

Is the centuries-old practice of seizing property allegedly connected with a crime headed for a major shakeup in the U.S. this year? Reform advocates on the left and right were encouraged by the temporary suspension last month of payments to local law enforcement agencies that participate in the federal asset forfeiture program. But the reformers, who range from conservatives and libertarians to civil rights groups and human rights advocates, want the government to go a lot further in 2016 — […]