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The Skewed Politics of the Death Penalty

A Texas man condemned to death for a crime he didn’t commit was freed only after his attorney discovered a concealed phone record that proved his innocence. The attorney, Brian Stolarz, who wrote a book about the case, tells TCR that it’s an example of how capital punishment in the U.S. is hostage to a system that depends on whether you have enough money to pay for good legal help.

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Legal Aid for Capital Punishment Cases Depends on Where You Live: Study

A pro-death penalty “punitive culture” in some federal jurisdictions ensures that poor defendants in capital punishment cases never get the quality of public defense they are entitled to, argues a study published in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. The authors say their findings help explain the stark racial disparities in the application of death sentences across the U.S.

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California's 'Broken' Death Penalty System

California’s death penalty system needs to change. The death penalty is not an easy topic to discuss. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived in a perfect world where we did not have to worry about protecting our family and loved ones from evil? However, we do! My mother, sister and two nephews were murdered in 1984 in a home invasion murder for hire. An 18-year-old rolling 60's Crips gang member, Tiqueon Cox, along with two accomplices entered my mother […]


Study of LA Homicides, Executions Shows ‘Stark Disparities’ Based on Race

A review of Louisiana homicide and death penalty cases going back to 1976 found that convicted murderers who killed black males were less likely to be executed than those who killed other victims, according to a study forthcoming in the Loyola University of New Orleans Journal of Public Interest Law. The data analyzed by the study authors, Frank Baumgartner and Tim Lyman, demonstrate what they conclude are stark disparities in the use of the death penalty, depending on the race […]


California and the Death Penalty

The world contains extremely dangerous and evil people who cannot be deterred by threat of incarceration. I’m not talking about the average gang murder or robbery gone bad. I am talking about the people who rape infants to death; who kidnap, torture, rape and murder children; who target police officers in the line of duty; who kill not just one, but a half dozen or dozen or more innocent victims in serial and mass murders. Such people are the reasons […]