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How to Infiltrate the Internet Underworld

On July 15, law enforcement authorities from 20 countries arrested more than two dozen suspects allegedly associated with Darkode, an online forum for malicious hacking. For agencies tasked with cracking down on the Internet's underworld, it was a rare victory, cyber experts told The Crime Report. The Darkode bust, they said, shows that you don't have to scour the deep web — a part of the Internet that isn't indexed by Google — to find illegal products. The Internet is […]


Report: Data Breaches Getting More Costly to Prevent, Fix

Corporate data breaches are increasingly costly, according to a report by the Ponemon Institute. The annual study, which is sponsored by IBM, looked at data breaches experienced by 350 companies in 11 countries during 2014. Breaches studied ranged in size from 2,200 compromised records to more than 101,000 compromised records. Attacks on U.S. companies were the most costly, averaging $217 per stolen record. The global average was $154 per stolen record. The average total cost of a corporate data breach […]


Heartbleed: Did Cyber Snoops Threaten America's Defense Complex?

In the two weeks after the so-called “Heartbleed” Internet security bug was made public on April 7, 2014, there were more than 42,000 attempts to exploit the vulnerability to gain access to Department of Defense (DoD) information, The Crime Report has learned. A National Security Agency (NSA) memo circulated on April 22, 2014, and obtained recently by The Crime Report, details steps the agency took to secure military and intelligence networks from cyber-attack. The number of attempts—in the memo the […]