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Redemption at the Gym: A Muscular Approach to Prisoner Reentry

A New York City nonprofit launched by an entrepreneur who spent time behind bars is teaching the formerly incarcerated to become personal trainers—and at the same time puncturing stereotypes that have limited employment opportunities for the millions of Americans with criminal records.

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Six Decades of Felonies in America

A new quantitative study of felony populations between 1948 and 2010, issued by the Population Association of America, represents the first attempt to offer a comprehensive view of states-level criminal punishment in the United States, across both demographic and geographic lines.

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The “Eternal Criminal Record”

Does intensive criminal record-keeping help public safety–or hinder it? In a forthcoming article in the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, Kevin Lapp summarizes and critiques The Eternal Criminal Record, a recent book which argues that detailed criminal justice record-keeping undermines the chances that ex-offenders will successfully reintegrate into society. The book, by James B. Jacobs, shows how the current record-keeping system in the U.S. “presents a public-policy conundrum for American criminal justice: The more information we collect and share […]