How Media ‘Tribalism’ Gives Americans Conflicting Views of Reality

When cable media blurs opinion and fact, even traditional journalism suffers, according to a panel of media observers. But the panel, convened by Criminal Justice Journalists to review 2017 justice coverage, also praised the coverage of sensitive issues in the face of pressure from police and the White House.

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Is Science Taking Hold In Criminal Justice?

Scientific principles are increasingly being used in criminal justice practices, but it may take years for them to penetrate the entire field. The anecdotal evidence of science's expansion in criminal justice is mounting, an American Society of Criminology panel was told last week at its annual conference in San Francisco. The panel, organized by Criminal Justice Journalists, which collaborates with The Crime Report, heard from some of the country’s leading criminologists. Joan Petersilia of Stanford University Law School observed that […]

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Ted Gest

From 'Boom' to Bust: 10 Years of Criminal Justice Change

A decade ago, when Crime and Justice News began providing daily summaries of important developments, criminal justice was, in one sense, “booming”: the incarcerated population was growing, despite a long-term decline in the crime rate. Taxpayer money spent on the justice system seemed like it had nowhere to go but up. Within five years, a recession changed that. Government officials across the nation are still seeking ways to economize. As we mark our 10th anniversary, our unique digest continues to […]