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NYC Crime Plunges Again; How Low Can It Go?

The city has recorded just 286 killings this year, another new modern low. Overall, crime has now declined for 27 consecutive years, dating to 1990, when New York set a record with 2,245 homicides. Reported crime has fallen in each of the major felony categories this year to a total of 94,806 as of Sunday, well below the record low of 101,716 set last year.

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Lawsuit Targets Owner of Crime-Ridden L.A. Complex

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer says the Chesapeake Apartments, plagued by violent crime for decades, are a serious threat to public safety. He is suing to prompt safety improvements, and he says the owner of the complex should be ordered to live there until the problems are resolved.


The ‘Double-Edged Sword’ of the Insanity Defense

A Vanderbilt Law School professor says evidence of mental impairment could be a useful tool in a reformed justice system that focused on rehabilitation rather than blame. But, he argues in a recent study, under the current system, neuroscience can be used by both prosecutors and defense, and has only limited value in assessing guilt.

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Despite What Trump Says, Immigrants Commit Less Crime

The President is creating an office to help victims of crime by immigrants, but James Lynch, president of the American Society of Criminology, says immigrants “have lower incidences of crime compared to the public at large. The immigrant population does nothing but good — they pay taxes, they do the work. It is pretty clear that immigrants are a positive force and a very low production of crime on their part.”