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Round 2: Were Trump’s Prints on Skinnier FBI Report?

FiveThirtyEight noticed that the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report, the first released under the Trump administration, was missing 70 percent of the data tables that were included in past editions. The feds fired back, alleging a “false narrative” and claiming that plans to “streamline” the report date to 2010. FiveThirtyEight’s data sleuths are not convinced.


Household Crimes Lowest Since 2001, Gallup Says

Twenty-two percent of Americans say a crime was committed against their household in the previous year, the lowest total since 2001. Over the past decade, the percentage reporting their household was victimized by any of seven different crimes averaged 26 percent and never dropped below 24 percent, says the Gallup polling organization.


FBI Reports Violent Crime Surge, But What Does It Mean?

The FBI says overall reports of violent crime increased by 8.6 percent in 2016, and homicides were up 4.1 percent. One analyst called the increases “ominous,” following similar upticks in 2015. Others point out that crime in the U.S. is still at modern historical lows. “What’s going on?” asked another expert. “No one really knows.”


Criminologist Issues Database on Crimes by Police

Philip Stinson of Bowling Green University has published a police crime database offering the most comprehensive look ever at how often U.S. cops are arrested. The dataset includes 8,006 arrest incidents resulting in 13,623 charges involving 6,596 police officers from 2005 through 2012, with more years of data to come.

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Richard Rosenfeld

Crime Wave? What Crime Wave?

Recent press accounts have the nation's big cities in the throes of a “new crime wave.” Police chiefs and mayors have lobbied the federal government for assistance in combatting violent crime. In response, Attorney General Loretta Lynch held a “Summit on Violent Crime” in Washington on October 7th that brought together chiefs, mayors and federal officials to address the crime increase and discuss policy options. I attended that meeting and had the chance to ask FBI Director James Comey a […]


Violence, Property Crime Reports Fell Last Year In U.S., FBI Says

Violent crimes reported to law enforcement agencies nationwide dropped .2 percent last year compared with 2013, the FBI said today. The estimated number of property crimes declined 4.3 percent during the same period. The report might lessen some concern about violent crime increases being reported in several major U.S. cities this year, although the FBI’s national data for 2014 don’t contradict crime rises in some areas after the figures released today were compiled. (In August, for example, the New York […]