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How Soccer Corruption Gets Kicked into the Shadows

Before France defeated Croatia in the World Cup Final, a new report warned there is little hope that efforts to end systemic bribery and kickbacks in the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) will succeed. A Michigan law professor says it’s time for Switzerland to force the organization to become accountable.


Gorging on ‘Ziti’: Ex-Aides to NY Gov. Face Corruption Charges

A criminal complaint said the principals in the scheme referred to bribes as “ziti.” The charges against Joseph Percoco and Todd R. Howe, former aides to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and a state official, Alain Kaloyeros, were the culmination of a federal probe into the Cuomo administration’s attempts to lure jobs and businesses to upstate New York by furnishing billions of dollars to developers.

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Report: For Ukraine, Russia Represents Continued Corruption

When Ukraine’s then-president Viktor Yanukovych fled the country in February, abdicating power, he left in his wake a government seeped in corruption and kleptocratic practices. Six weeks later, Ukraine is on the brink of invasion by a Russia that is just as, if not more, committed to official corruption, according to a report by the Center for Security Studies. In the latest edition of the Center's Russian Analytical Digest, researchers analyze corruption and anti-corruption practices within Russia's government and business […]

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The Ironies of Gun Marketing

Driving along the expressway leaving Baltimore recently, I observed an electronic billboard alerting drivers to the identity of one of the current “most wanted” fugitives in the area. As I was moving toward the billboard, the advertisement changed to notify us of the upcoming “Gun and Knife Show” at the state fair grounds north of the city. Juxtaposed against this irony is the breaking story of corruption endemic to the Baltimore City Detention Center. While the City Jail is formally […]