Special Report: Dangerous Trends, Innovative Responses 2007-2008

“Dangerous Trends, Innovative Responses 2007-2008” is a special report by Women’s eNews regarding domestic violence. Despite increasing awareness and responses towards domestic violence through legislation and policy, homicide rates of intimate partners based on gender have not been equal, the study found. Statistics provided by the U.S. Justice Department show that the number of female homicide victims have not decreased as much as the number of male homicides victims. The editors of Women’s eNews explore different factors that account for […]

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The Power of the Media: How the Press Covers Violence Against Women

Homicides involving female victims received more media coverage in cases where the perpetrator had fled after killing their partner, according to “The Power of the Media: How the press covers violence against women.” The study discusses media coverage of domestic violence against women in Massachusetts. The studies, which came about after formation of Public Health Advisory in 2008, showed an uneven number of news coverage in regards the number of female homicides related to domestic violence. Read the study here. […]