Charlie Beck

The LAPD’s Charlie Beck: How to Reform a Police Department

After eight years heading one of the nation’s largest police agencies, retiring Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck gives TCR a frank assessment of the challenges of being a big-city reform chief, what it takes to change the culture of American policing today, and some key lessons he learned.

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sex workers

Sex Workers Decry ‘Moral Panic’ Over Human Trafficking

As the campaign against sex trafficking grows into a $47 million cottage industry, it has also been spurring a “moral panic” that sex workers say makes them increasingly vulnerable to police abuse, and turns them into targets for those with religious or moral objections to prostitution.

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CA Sheriffs Opposed Sanctuary Law But Now Must Enforce It

On Jan. 1, California’s 58 county sheriffs will be on the front lines of implementing the state’s new immigrant sanctuary law, which is designed to limit the people that law enforcement agencies can detain, question or investigate at the request of federal immigration officials. Many of those sheriffs were opposed to enactment of the law, says the Los Angeles Times.

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Californians Respond to Mass Murder by Buying Guns

A medical journal says gun purchases increased by more than 50 over normal rates in California during the six weeks following the 2012 mass murder at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. Handgun purchases in the state rose 41 percent after the 2015 murders of 14 people in San Bernardino.