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U.S. Overall Prison Population Declines Slightly

The nation’s inmate count declined one percent last year, the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics said today. The federal prison system accounted for about one-third of the decrease, amid a drive to reduce the sentence lengths for some drug offenders. Overall, there were 1,561,500 prisoners at the end of 2014. With approximately 745,000 people also held in local jails as of midyear 2014, the national total behind bars is about 2.3 million—making the U.S. the world leader in incarceration. Many […]


BJS Releases New Tool for Measuring Prison, Jail Population Trends

Prison population counts and other data for correctional facilities are now easily accessible online via a new feature on the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) website. The Key Statistics data analysis tool released yesterday will provide access to trend data from BJS's core collections on U.S. correctional facilities including statistics on offenders held in state prisons, federal prisons, and local jails, and those supervised in the community through probation or parole agencies. Trend data on executions are also included. Each […]


Report: Inmate Deaths on the Rise

The number of inmates who died in state prisons and local jails increased for third year in a row in 2013, according to a report from the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). The total number of inmate deaths, 4,446, was the highest number since BJS began tracking the number in 2007. In 2012, there were 131 fewer deaths in state prisons and local jails. More than a third (34 percent) of deaths reported to BJS were due to suicide, […]


BJS: Most Police Departments Using Cameras

About one-third of all local police departments used body-worn cameras for at least some officers in 2013, according to a survey by the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). The 2013 survey was the edition of the BJS Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics survey was the first time the agency asked about body-worn cameras, so there is no indication of how those results compare to previous years. Current figures may actually be much higher, because in the time since […]