Who Owned That Gun? Many Police Agencies No Longer Check

During the 1980s, gun tracing was in vogue, but thanks to changes in federal funding and regulations, many police agencies around the U.S. no longer bother. That can have deadly consequences, a newspaper investigation in South Carolina showed.

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Feds, States Denied 226,000 of 17 Million Gun Applications in 2015: BJS Study

Pennsylvania led the five states which recorded the largest number of denials, according to a Bureau of Justice Statistics study of national data on firearms background checks released this week. The data showed the overall 1.4 percent denial rate in 2015 has stayed roughly the same over the two decades since passage of the Brady Act.

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Shining a ‘Flashlight’ on Gun Crime

Treating minor gun crimes as future homicides has helped to cut down on violence in Houston, and a key tool for investigators is the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network, now much improved from the original program first introduced by the feds in 1999.


Is the ATF’s System to Warn Gun Dealers of Break-Ins Working?

An investigation by The Trace reveals most dealers located near a recent burglary did not recall being contacted under ATF’s recently established automated “fflAlert” system. The ATF says it is still modifying the system to “increase its effectiveness.”