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Measures for Justice: ‘America, How Are We Doing?’

A free data portal to be launched next week will provide the first–ever window into how justice is done (or not done) at the county level. Founder Amy Bach tells TCR how it can be used by anyone who intersects with the criminal justice system, from prosecutors and journalists to ordinary Americans.


Measuring Justice

How should chronic problems in a U.S. criminal justice system that costs $212 billion a year and employs 2.4 million people be identified — and fixed? One place to look is the courts, and that is the challenge for Measures for Justice, an organization started in 2011 by journalist and law professor Amy Bach of Rochester, N.Y., whose 2010 book, Ordinary Injustice: How America Holds Court explored the everyday workings of local U.S. criminal courts. In a chat with Ted […]