NY, AL Police Chiefs Suspended for Drug, Sex Offenses

The police chief of Kenmore, N.Y., was placed on administrative leave after he was arrested and accused of stealing pain pills. He admitted an addiction. In a separate case, a police chief from Alabama was suspended last week after he was accused of masturbating several times in front of guests, including children and teenage girls, at a beachfront resort in Florida.


AL Town Backs Down on Closing Meetings to Outsiders

The mayor of tiny Paint Rock said council meetings were being closed to the media and all other non-residents, saying, “What goes on in Paint Rock is the business of the people who live in Paint Rock.” She changed her mind after she learned that such a move would be illegal–and unAmerican.

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Renewed Alabama Food Fight Pits Sheriff vs. Hungry Inmates

Alabama sheriffs are allowed to keep any excess money used to feed inmates. But the Morgan County sheriff, Ana Franklin, has been excluded under a 2009 consent decree after her predecessor, nicknamed “Sheriff Corndog,” was jailed for contempt for feeding inmates the hotdogs on a stick twice a day–and pocketing $200,000. Franklin will make her case in federal court on Friday.

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