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“Callous and Cruel” Treatment of Inmates with Mental Disabilities

Excessive force against prisoners with mental health problems is widespread in American jails and prison, and may be increasing, according to a Human Rights Watch report released Tuesday. Researchers from Human Rights Watch, an advocacy group, reviewed hundreds of individual and class action court cases, as well as U.S. Justice Department investigations, and interviewed for the report more than 125 current and former corrections officials, experts, psychiatrists and advocates. “Staff at times have responded with violence when prisoners engage in […]


When Love Hurts

As a 15-year-old flattered by the love and attention of her first serious boyfriend, Monica Maya didn't worry about his escalating control over her life. But then the beatings began. Carefully avoiding her face, he left bruises on her back and arms. “The arguments would escalate (and) he would punch me,” recalls Maya, now 18, who is finishing her senior year of high school in Brooklyn. “It was bad from the start; I just didn't see it that way.” Eventually, […]


Re-Abuse Common for Teens Who Seek Orders of Protection

About one in four New York teens who seek Orders of Protection in response to dating violence suffer further violence at the hands of their original abusers, according to a recent study. Researchers analyzed 1,200 Orders of Protection sought in New York family court in 2009 and 2010, the first two full years after a state law made it possible for teens to secure orders without parental involvement. In addition, they obtained criminal histories and police incident files for abusers […]