Fear, Loathing and Prison Romances

Ordinary disciplinary measures for violating prison policy apparently aren’t enough when an inmate develops a relationship with a staff member or volunteer. The women must feel the full weight of the system’s retribution, deterrence, disgust, and racial animus, charges an inmate from Washington State.

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‘Wake Up, Mr. Barr: It’s 2019’

Attorney General William Barr’s criticism of reform prosecutors this week was not only “ill-informed”—it would lead us back to the failed tough-on-crime era, warns one of the nation’s leading criminologists.


Can We Prevent Wrongful Convictions?

The increasing number of exonerations around the country underlines the need for defense lawyers to double down on strategies of challenging faulty evidence, racial bias, and poor witnesses.

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Black and White Justice

All too often our justice system isn’t equally fair to youth of all races, writes an R Street Fellow. Here are some ways to change that.

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Beware the ‘Professional’ Reformer

A vision of top-down criminal justice change is emerging that threatens to take on a life of its own, even though no individual participant would completely endorse it, and many participants would repudiate it, warns a TCR columnist.


Have Americans Lost Interest in Real Police Reform?

The focus on misconduct of individual officers has shifted attention from the harder task of addressing the systemic flaws of U.S. policing, argue two researchers. They propose a way to get reform efforts back on track.


Let’s Keep Bias Out of Our Legal System

The troubling revelations of racist Facebook comments by law enforcement agents make clear that bigotry and its more insidious version of “implicit bias” need to be recognized—and promptly addressed—by prosecutors and police on the front lines of justice, writes the Miami-Dade State Attorney.

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