‘We’re Not Ready for Police-Free Zones’

Explanations for the rise in violent crime tend to avoid the role police play in crime prevention, argues policing expert Peter Moskos. In the latest installment of the “At the Crossroads” series of interviews sponsored by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, Moskos tells Greg Berman that cops need to be proactive in addressing clear threats like gun offenders.

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Will Utah Scrap the Death Penalty?

A new push to repeal the death penalty is gathering momentum in a state that has been a bedrock of support for capital punishment. It’s the latest sign of a slow shift of opinion among conservatives nationwide.


Can Americans Keep Their Guns Safe?

In part two of a Special Report, TCR’s Cassie Chew interviews legislators, advocates and parents, including gun owners, who are mobilizing for stricter firearm storage laws.

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Mental Illness and the Justice System

To what extent should those who suffer from extreme mental illness be held accountable for criminal behavior, and what consequences should they face? Medical and legal experts propose more humane strategies for dealing with justice-involved mentally troubled individuals in a TCR special report.

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The Biggest Crop in Prison Gardens: Hope

An innovative program offered in 11 California prisons as well as facilities in Indiana and Ohio offers incarcerees the chance to train as professional horticulturalists and landscapers. In a special report, TCR writer Eva Herscowitz talks to proponents who say it can offer an alternative approach to traditional models of incarceration.

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Children and Guns: Holding Parents Accountable

The charges filed against James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of a Michigan teen who allegedly shot dead four of his high school classmates, could bring greater national attention to weaknesses in federal and state laws regulating firearm storage and minors’ access to guns, a TCR Special Report found.