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The Crime Report is a multimedia information and networking resource based at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. Published daily online, Monday through Friday, the award-winning site is staffed by working journalists in New York, Washington and Los Angeles; and provides comprehensive reporting and analysis of criminal justice news and research in the U.S. and abroad.

Since it was launched as a pioneering website in 2008, The Crime Report remains the primary non-partisan source of criminal justice news and research for thousands of scholars, practitioners, students, and journalists across the nation.

With an audience ranging from the White House and the Department of Justice to agencies, law offices and campuses around the U.S. and overseas —and endorsed by the American Library Association, senior criminologists, and the country’s leading crime and justice bloggers—TCR is dedicated to providing an independent marketplace of ideas for those who want more than the daily diet of crime headlines and political rhetoric, at a time when newsroom resources for investigative and analytical journalism are increasingly strained.

Its archive of over 41,000 posts (and growing) represents the nation’s most comprehensive online “Justice Library,” and a critical research and teaching tool.

TCR is a non-partisan, collaborative effort by two national organizations that focus on quality criminal justice journalism: The Center on Media, Crime and Justice at John Jay College, the nation’s leading practice-oriented think tank on crime and justice reporting, and Criminal Justice Journalists, the nation’s only membership organization of crime-beat journalists. It sponsors the annual John Jay “Justice Trailblazer” award, and serves as a platform for the work of professional journalists who have participated in the Fellowship and training programs in criminal justice administered by John Jay’s Center on Media, Crime and Justice .

Its content is co-published in sites such as CBS.com, Salon.com and The Daily Beast, and it partners with a broad variety of news outlets across the country, such as the Congressional Victims’ Caucus, the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, Women’s Rights, Prison News, The Los Angeles Times, the Chicago News Cooperative, and many others.

TCR is a proud member of the Institute for Nonprofit News, a collaborative network of online investigative journalism sites.

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[My interview with TCR] has been circulated within the Department of Justice, and many Major Cities Chiefs have contacted me regarding the points express and made in the interview. The response has been universally well received – even by justice officials on the ground now in Ferguson. I [wanted to] send you this note to let you know the reach and impact of The Crime Report.

James K. ‘CHIPS’ Stewart, Director, Public Safety and Security Division (CNA), former director of the National Institute of Justice

[R]eaders are perhaps used to me regularly praising The Crime Report for its impressive original reporting and interesting commentaries on an array of criminal justice issues.

—Douglas Berman, Sentencing, Law and Policy blog.