Life After Prison: Lorenzo’s Journey

Lorenzo Brooks

Lorenzo Brooks

Can incarcerated individuals integrate into civil society once they have paid the price for their crimes? What challenges do they face? How likely is it that they will succeed? For most of the past year, The Crime Report has followed Lorenzo Brooks as he began to rebuild his life after 30 years in prison. In the year since we met Lorenzo, he found a job, reconnected with his family, and began training for a new career. By the end of October, 2016, he was applying for college. 

You can read the complete series by Deputy Editor Alice Popovici, along with links to podcast interviews with Lorenzo as he began his journey, below. 

Part 1: Looking for Work

Part 2: ‘You’ve Got to Crawl Before You Walk’

Part 3: The Journey Home

Part 4: Opting In or Opting Out

Part 5: Giving Back 

Part 6: ‘I Want to Succeed’