Juveniles and Justice: Unfinished Business


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2018-2019 John Jay Juvenile Justice Reporting Fellowships


Over the past decade, the nation’s policies towards young people involved in the justice system have undergone a profound change. Some 70 pieces of legislation in at least 36 states have enacted major reforms in areas ranging from raising the age of adult jurisdiction to removing youths from adult prisons. The juvenile commitment rate has dropped by half to its lowest level since the federal government began tracking figures in 1997. But the task’s far from over.  How can journalists interpret the policy challenges and changes emanating from state capitals and Washington to inform public debate?

A conference organized by the John Jay Center on Media, Crime and Justice on Oct 4-5, 2018, marking “Juvenile Justice Month,”  brought together 33 journalists with academics, practitioners, policymakers, advocates and  individuals who have directly experienced the juvenile justice system for two days of intensive briefings and discussions with the aim of  providing fact and research-based perspectives that will offer reporters navigational help in covering these issues. Reporters were selected for these special  fellowships based on their proposed projects and stories.  Their work will be published here and in the main pages of The Crime Report over 2018-2019.

This conference represents the fourth in a series of juvenile justice reporting fellowships organized by the Center on Media, Crime and Justice at John Jay College, and is supported with grants from the Tow Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The funders played no part in selection of fellows.  

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HONORING GAULT: Ensuring Access to Counsel in Delinquency Proceedings
National Juvenile Defender Center  (NJDC)
(NJDC) ACCESS DENIED: A National Snapshot of States’ Failure to Protect Children’s Right to Counsel


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