Can Alexa Testify Against You?

As virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa become part of our lives, they also open up new threats to privacy. A researcher argues that both the First and Fourth Amendments should protect customers from unwarranted attempts to use virtual content as evidence.

AR Cities, Counties Unite to Sue Opioid Industry

The suit, described as unique by state officials, names 59 companies and six individuals, including Purdue Pharma, Cephalon, Endo, Janssen, and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Arkansas ranks 2nd in the nation behind Alabama for misuse of opioids.


Can We Prevent a Drone Terror Attack?

Some 200,000 drones are now sold to hobbyists in an “uncontrolled’ global market every month. A Philadelphia professor says they have already been deployed by terror groups in the Middle East and by U.S. criminals, and a $1.6 billion industry has merged to develop anti-drone technology.

evelyn nesbit

Sex, Murder and Madness: Lessons From a Gilded Age Trial

The murder of notable New York architect Sanford White by a jealous husband in 1906 thrust young actress and model Evelyn Nesbit into the center of the first so-called “trial of the century.” Simon Baatz, author of a new book about the case, explains why it still matters today.


Gun Crazy? No Easy Explanations for Mass Shootings

Opponents of gun control argue that better attention to mentally troubled individuals will do more to prevent mass shootings than restricting access to firearms to the general population. But our columnist argues that there is little evidence supporting mental illness as a critical factor in acts of tragic violence.