Police Chiefs to Trump: Cut Crime, Prisons

A national group led by police chiefs and prosecutors has called on President Donald Trump to adopt policies the organization says can reduce both crime and incarceration and also save taxpayer dollars.

Major U.S. Police Groups Agree on De-Escalation Policy

Eleven leading law enforcement groups declare that, “An officer shall use de-escalation techniques and other alternatives to higher levels of force consistent with his or her training whenever possible and appropriate before resorting to force and to reduce the need for force.”

Congress OKs $1 Billion to Tackle America’s Drug Crisis

The 21st Century Cures Act approved yesterday contains provisions aimed at curbing the nation’s opioid epidemic including treatment programs and drug courts. It’s the second piece of legislation impacting criminal justice passed in the final days of this Congress.

A Justice Challenge for Trump: Mental Health & Drugs

A national coalition today asked the new Congress and President-elect to support a “comprehensive” plan for helping justice-involved individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues. The proposal included federal aid for training cops and corrections officers, and continued Medicaid coverage after release from prison.

Police Union Offers a Blueprint for Trump

The Fraternal Order of Police says the President-elect can rescind the Obama order limiting the provision of military equipment to cops, lift the ban on private prisons, and launch a task force on violent crime. The shopping list reflects the law-and-order strategy Trump already pushed during the campaign—which had earned him the FOP’s endorsement.

Time For a 21st Century National Crime Commission?

Fifty years after the landmark LBJ-era crime study, criminologists say the country needs a fresh look at its crime and justice challenges—such as mass incarceration, drugs and racial inequity which were among the “blind spots” of the last one.