Mayors Meet on Violence, Stress Holistic Approach

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges hosted a national conference on combating youth violence and fielded questions about a recent spate of shootings in her own downtown entertainment district. “It’s wrong, it’s bad, it should not happen in our city,” she said. “It did happen in our city. And we are doing everything we can to find whatever strategies we can to end that violence.”

Violence Is Growing At Hospitals Nationwide

The rate of hospital employees intentionally injured on the job at the hands of another person is significantly higher than the rate across all private industries. “Just going into work is a high-risk endeavor,” said Lisa Wolf of the Emergency Nurses Association.

Baltimoreans Fear City is Getting Used to Violence

With the city on pace for its deadliest year ever, the Baltimore Sun reached out to more than two dozen people who live and work in the city, including community members, business executives, faith leaders, elected officials, police officers and others. Many said they see the city in crisis, with no clear path forward.