Who Will Cover Tomorrow’s Crime Stories?

When the NYC websites Gothamist and DNAinfo were shuttered this month, it was a blow to local justice reporting. But it’s also a wakeup call to journalism schools and others to find new ways of filling the coverage gap, writes a NY journalism professor.

immigration police

The New ‘Entrepreneurs’ Behind Today’s Punitive Immigration Policies

“Crimmigration” has become a shorthand term for the increasing overlap of the nation’s criminal justice and immigration control systems in the Trump era. It’s time to reexamine our assumptions about what motivates the current zeal to punish immigrants, writes a criminologist at John Jay College.

Meek Mill

Why Meek Mill is Not Alone

The recent sentencing of the Philadelphia rap artist over a probation violation underlines why America’s system of community supervision needs to change, argue two prominent justice reformers.

charleston church

Is Mass Murder Exceptionally American?

According to an Idaho historian and commentator, events like the recent mass shootings in Texas and Las Vegas and the 2015 massacre at a Charleston, S.C., church belong to a litany of similar tragedies occurring around the world—including countries where there are strict gun licensing laws.


Prison Story: When ‘Extraction Squad’ Comes for You

A former inmate at Pelican Bay State prison in California recounts being shackled, beaten with nightsticks and Tasered because he neglected to hand over a pack of coffee. The humiliation, he writes in an essay for The Beat Within prison writers’ workshop, was nearly as awful as the pain.

Ralph Northam

Elections 2017: Beginning of the End of Willie Horton Politics?

Democrats’ victories in Virginia and New Jersey this week seemed to represent a clear rejection by voters of the law-and-order, nativist views of their opponents, says the director of a crime research group. But it’s not yet clear whether the surge of “penal populism” that influenced national politics in previous decades has fizzled out.

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Cracking the Stonewall on a Nun’s Murder: A Reporter’s Story

The Emmy-nominated Netflix true crime documentary, “The Keepers,” helped break open a 47-year-old story of sexual abuse and murder at a Baltimore Catholic school. But it took stubborn shoe-leather investigative reporting to penetrate official indifference and the refusal to pursue evidence of police misconduct.