Larry Nassar

Chasing ‘Monsters’: The Nassar and Sandusky Cases

Larry Nassar, the osteopath convicted of abusing young female gymnasts, has been compared to convicted serial child molester Jerry Sandusky. But an author who believes Sandusky may be innocent rejects the comparison, arguing that critics should focus attention on the widespread use of a therapy that can be misused in the wrong hands—and may have little scientific validity.

Meek Mill

The Lesson of Meek Mill: A Probation System ‘Set Up to Fail’

The Philadelphia rapper sent back to prison over a technical violation of his probation terms is just another example of how the resource-strained community supervision system sets former inmates—the majority of them young men of color- up for failure, writes a University of Minnesota professor.

Algorithms and Justice: Scrapping the ‘Black Box’

Secret proprietary algorithms used to make decisions on bail, sentencing and parole make our justice system less accountable, according to a Duke University professor. She proved software engineers could create simpler risk assessment tools that were more transparent, but just as accurate, by working with colleagues to create one.

child playing

‘Shadow’ Trade in Child Sex Dolls Should be Banned, Say Profs

A flourishing transnational industry that markets anatomically correct toys and robots currently operates with little official vigilance. Two John Jay College professors warn that U.S. legislators are ignoring a trade that encourages pedophile behavior.


Why I Am Not a Recidivist

A Washington State parole board rejected our columnist’s appeal for release from prison for a crime committed when he was a juvenile on the grounds that he had a “moderate to high” likelihood of re-offending. But they appear to have based the decision on a psychological risk assessment tool used to measure adult offenders.

child in handcuffs

Raise the Age, But By How Much?

Long-overdue juvenile justice reforms have increased the age at which juveniles can be charged as adults to 17 or 18. But a few states want to increase it to as high as 21– an initiative that one justice researcher argues could be counterproductive.


The Link Between Opioid Abuse and Sex Trafficking

Few Americans realize that sex trafficking is as close to home as their own communities. As the nation notes “human trafficking awareness” month, a West Virginia advocate explores the special tragedies it inflicts in a state that leads the nation in both poverty and drug addiction.