How to Make Courthouse Walls ‘More Porous’

In Milwaukee, DA John Chisholm and Public Defender Tom Reed have teamed up to transform local justice from an ‘adversarial’ model to a system oriented to preventing harm and involving a network of community services. Could it work elsewhere?

kirk and spock

Spock vs Kirk: The Battle Over NY Bail Reform

The angry debate that has erupted over the state’s landmark decision to eliminate money bail for most offenses isn’t helping the public understand the complexities of making long-term change in the justice system, writes the director of the Center for Court Innovation.


Polarized Politics Got You Down? Chill Out With Justice Reform

Who would have imagined that former lifer-turned-criminal-justice-advocate Alice Johnson and President Donald Trump could share the goal of healing our broken justice system? Despite today’s divisive politics, bipartisanship is alive and well in the world of justice, and it offers hope for real change, writes an R Street Institute Research Fellow.

michael bloomberg

How Bloomberg Can Get Beyond Stop-and-Frisk

Of all the presidential candidates, former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is best placed to lead a pivot from sterile arguments over crime control vs due process toward a radical re-orientation aimed at safety. First, he needs to go beyond atoning for stop-and-frisk, says TCR’s legal affairs columnist.


Do Targeted Killings Really Make Us Safer?

Recent studies suggest that the assassinations of terrorist leaders have little effect on reducing terrorist violence—and may even increase the risk.  So why does Washington consider this a viable counterterrorism strategy?