Sex Trafficking: A Surprising Rescue Story

A researcher uses to identify a potential victim and get police help. The lesson, she writes, is that commercial sex trafficking sites are increasingly useful tools for law enforcement—and outlawing them is counterproductive.

Can We Stop Online Violence?

A program called E-Responder, launched by the NYC Citizens Crime Commission last year, helps anti-violence workers identify risky posts on social media before they go viral–and has already reported successes in violence intervention. The group’s president says it’s worth a look by other cities, and by social media providers like Facebook.

America’s Real Gang Threat is Domestic, ICE Figures Prove

The Trump Administration’s official narrative that illegal immigrants pose a crime threat to the U.S. was undermined last week by figures released from Project New Dawn, ICE’s nationwide sweep of gang members. Nearly 70 percent of the more than 1,300 arrested were US citizens—and just 104 allegedly belonged to MS-13, the El-Salvador-based group that has been the focus of Washington rhetoric.

Sex Abuse and Homeland Security

Homeland Security chief John Kelly says the crackdown at the U.S.-Mexico border will deter vulnerable women from making the dangerous trip north. But if he wants to prevent sexual abuse of immigrants, he should look closer to home—at the actions of his own border agents, says an immigration expert.

Suicide, Aaron Hernandez and the Presumption of Innocence

The jail suicide of the former New England Patriots’ player triggered a judge’s ruling yesterday to vacate his murder conviction—which was under appeal when he died. That’s perfectly within the law, but does it represent justice for his victim?

Big Brother Online: Policing and the Cloud

Government agencies, including law enforcement, are able to access more of our personal data stored online than ever before. A Vanderbilt Law School professor says it’s time to develop a “21st century framework” for stronger privacy protection.

Why Did South Carolina Punt on the Slager Case?

Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager agreed last week to a civil-rights charge in exchange for avoiding a trial for the shooting death of Walter Scott. Was the state responding to signals from Washington?

Why Can’t We Learn from Our Opioid Mistakes?

Few policymakers consider the roots of America’s drug problem when they pass legislation aimed at curbing substance abuse and addiction. The Trump administration seems headed down the same road.