death penalty

Why Conservatives Want to Scrap the Death Penalty

Capital punishment is inconsistent with the bedrock values of conservatism, declares the national manager of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty. She says the group has picked up traction since it was launched nearly a decade ago, and now has supporters across the country.

William Barr

Why Barr’s Attack on Reform DAs is an Assault on Democracy

Attorney General William Barr’s recent tirade against reform-minded prosecutors is a thinly veiled attempt to undermine communities that have chosen to take back control of justice decisions from”colonialist” policymakers in Washington, writes TCR’s legal columnist.

justice scales

How Do Prosecutors (and the Rest of Us) Get Sentencing So Wrong?

Some reformers suggest creating Sentence Review Units to reassess long prison terms that are no longer justified. While it’s a worthwhile idea, it still doesn’t address the bigger question, writes TCR’s legal columnist: how did those bad sentences happen in the first place?


Fear, Loathing and Prison Romances

Ordinary disciplinary measures for violating prison policy apparently aren’t enough when an inmate develops a relationship with a staff member or volunteer. The women must feel the full weight of the system’s retribution, deterrence, disgust, and racial animus, charges an inmate from Washington State.

william barr

‘Wake Up, Mr. Barr: It’s 2019’

Attorney General William Barr’s criticism of reform prosecutors this month was not only “ill-informed”—it would lead us back to the failed tough-on-crime era, warns one of the nation’s leading criminologists.


Can We Prevent Wrongful Convictions?

The increasing number of exonerations around the country underlines the need for defense lawyers to double down on strategies of challenging faulty evidence, racial bias, and poor witnesses.

stop and firsk

Black and White Justice

All too often our justice system isn’t equally fair to youth of all races, writes an R Street Fellow. Here are some ways to change that.