Do Juvenile Sex Offenders Deserve a Break?

Under federal law, an 18-year-old found guilty of trafficking in sexual images of a minor can face a 15-year prison term. A reform advocate says Maine’s 2016 decision to apply more lenient punishment to juveniles caught “sexting” offers a more humane alternative.


Why ‘Misdemeanor Justice’ Fails Americans

We all want safe neighborhoods, but the way we treat many people arrested for low-level offenses does more harm than good, writes the director of the New York-based Center for Court Innovation.

Matthew Charles

The First Step Act:  It’s Only a ‘First Step’

Congress shouldn’t rest on its laurels following the landmark sentencing overhaul bill signed into law in December, writes one of the original advocates of the legislation. He argues the changes should be part of a major ongoing effort to reform the U.S. justice system.


The Superpredator Myth: It’s Still Alive Behind Bars

Drug addicts whose violent crimes once earned them the sobriquet of superpredators still languish in prison for years, with little hope of mercy, in defiance of contemporary thinking that treats opioid abuse as a disease that should be handled outside the justice system, writes TCR’s columnist from a Washington State penitentiary.