Is the ‘Blue Wall of Silence’ Crumbling?

Following the death of George Floyd, law enforcement personnel of various ranks have condemned the police misbehavior, with some even calling for criminal charges. That’s an impressive change from attitudes just a few years earlier, says a former New  Jersey prosecutor—but is it too little, too late?


We Are All Complicit in George Floyd’s Death

All of us have collaborated in the social construction of a reality that led to an African-American man’s death under the knee of a white Minneapolis cop. We are as responsible as the three other policemen who watched without speaking up, writes TCR’s legal columnist.


The COVID-19 ‘Catch-22’ for Young People Behind Bars

No parent would want their child placed in a bare room by themselves for days or weeks. But that’s exactly how we are treating young people housed in juvenile facilities during the coronavirus pandemic, write two youth advocates.


Why Supporting the Death Penalty is Now a GOP Fringe Position

The Republican Party’s national platform still contains a pro-capital punishment plank, but few appear to be standing by it these days. Beginning in 2012, the number of GOP-sponsored repeal bills has sharply increased, and the pace has picked up since 2016, argues the head of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty.


COVID-19, Prisons and ‘Cut-and-Paste Justice’

The justice community’s worldwide response to the pandemic has been uneven, and in some cases counterproductive. It’s time to replace prisons with humane, culture-specific alternatives, writes the director of the Incarceration Nations Network, who launched this month a new global art installation displaying prisoner voices, called “The Writing on the Wall.”

police mask

Memo to Authorities: Protect the Health of Law Enforcement

At a time when much of the world has come to a complete stop, law enforcement personnel are standing on the thin blue line in order to keep us safe. But we haven’t done enough to keep them safe, writes two R Street researchers.


COVID-19 Behind Bars: Release Can Be ‘Lethal’ Without Help

Even in the best of times, many jurisdictions fail to provide adequate resources to give formerly incarcerated people the help they need. The coronavirus crisis has made addressing that failure even more critical, write two researchers.

small business administration

Does an Arrest Record Disqualify Business Owners From COVID-19 Disaster Relief?

The Small Business Administration has imposed broad and arbitrary restrictions on access to disaster relief for small business owners during the national health crisis based on arrest or conviction history. The restrictions were neither required nor contemplated by Congress, and they run counter to the agency’s own guidelines, argues the Center for Collateral Consequences.

supreme court

The Supreme Court and the Flawed Search for Justice

The recent 6-3 decision ruling out non-unanimous jury verdicts was long overdue, but it also threw into sharper relief the present Court’s failure to grapple with the deep inequities of the justice system, argues a leading conservative opponent of the death penalty.