The Los Angeles Riots: 25 Years Later

TCR’s West Coast Bureau Chief Joe Domanick was working on a book about the Los Angeles Police Department when riots broke out following the exoneration of the officers responsible for beating Rodney King. He shares his memories of that painful episode in American history.

The Immigration Crackdown: Is Anywhere Safe?

In our continuing series highlighting jurisdictions to watch as efforts to deport the undocumented multiply, John Jay researcher Daniel Stageman examines Alamance County in North Carolina, where a civil rights suit stopped local law enforcement from enforcing detention orders. Will it get new life under Trump?

What Medicine Could Teach Our Flawed Justice System

A unique Massachusetts agency devoted to the analysis of medical errors, inspired by the 1995 death of award-winning Boston reporter Betsy Lehman, could be a model for getting past the bitter debates about who to blame for miscarriages of justice.

Why Solving Old Murders Can Help Prevent New Ones

Time is the most important resource for detectives examining the thousands of “cold cases” accumulating on police files since 1980. In the interest of public safety, mayors and police chiefs should make sure they get it, says a former deputy chief coroner.

Missing White Woman Syndrome: It’s Not a Media Myth

A Northwestern University researcher finds evidence to support accusations of racial bias in media coverage of girls and women who have gone missing–and he says that raises larger questions about how the public perceives victims of crime.

The Prison Scam That Leads to Violence

Getting a witness to recant testimony is a classic strategy employed by prisoners who have exhausted all their appeals. It never works, says a Washington State inmate—but when that witness is also behind bars, things can get ugly.

The Unfinished Business of Juvenile Justice

Most states, with some notable exceptions, have raised the age at which youths are exposed to the adult justice system. But the harder task of improving services for troubled young people is still ahead, warns a Justice Policy Institute expert.