Do Targeted Killings Really Make Us Safer?

Recent studies suggest that the assassinations of terrorist leaders have little effect on reducing terrorist violence—and may even increase the risk.  So why does Washington consider this a viable counterterrorism strategy?


Can People Change for the Better in Prison?

The answer requires recognizing, first, that the current prison system is not designed to promote positive transformation, says Lila Kazemian, an associate professor at John Jay College and author of a new book examining the conditions that can foster “desistance” from crime in prison.


How Police Can Kill Fewer People: Numbers vs Narratives

A recent scholars’ debate over the impact of police shootings on African-Americans’ mental health misses the more important point, argues TCR’s legal columnist. What systemic flaws drove police actions to begin with?


How to Succeed After Prison: Ignore the Pessimists

One landlord refused him, but TCR’s columnist finds help in his struggle to overcome the label of “ex-felon” from unexpected places—including from the office of the prosecutor who originally put him behind bars. 


Can We Learn from Prosecutor Misconduct?

At least one federal judge has argued that violations of the Brady v. Maryland rule requiring prosecutors to disclose evidence favorable to the defense are “epidemic.”  But we should be thinking about how to prevent such miscarriages of justice, rather than just punishing them, writes TCR’s legal columnist.

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When It Comes to Parole Supervision, Less is More

People who are returning from prison face a gauntlet of challenges. Two experts on incarceration reform ask: Why do we make things more difficult for them by making them subject to technical violations that have little to do with public safety?


Investigating—and Stopping—the Lone Terrorist

A recent FBI report examining 52 attacks between 1972 and 2015 by individuals acting alone dispels some of the myths about “lone wolf” terrorism in the U.S. But it also offers some important lessons about how to prevent the horrific tragedies they cause, writes a former Air Force intelligence analyst.