Why Silencers Aren’t Golden

The NRA is lobbying for a bill that would loosen access to gun silencers. But there’s more at stake here than meets the ear, argues TCR’s legal columnist.

Hunting the Internet’s Sex Predators

The director of a recent Netflix documentary on child sex-traffickers has called for legislation restricting commercial sex sites. But an expert on human trafficking argues police need them to identify –and save—the victims.

Educate a Prisoner, Save a Life

Prison-based higher education programs can transform the incarcerated, and they’re a cost-effective investment in public safety. But a Washington State inmate cautions they should only be offered to individuals who will really use them.

Who’s Responsible for Repairing ID Theft?

Most private companies provide only token compensation when their customers’ online data is stolen. They should be required to do more, says a former U.S. Navy cyberspecialist.

Too Poor to Drive?

Thousands of Michigan residents lose their driver’s licenses each year because they cannot pay their fines. Punishing people for being poor is bad public policy, writes the director of Equal Justice Under Law, a Washington, DC non-profit.

Looking Beyond the ‘White Bears’ in Criminal Justice

Preventing wrongful convictions and misconduct means fixing mistakes and flaws before they happen. That’s only possible if justice agencies (and the media) stop focusing exclusively on whom to blame for an error, and look at the circumstances that make errors possible.