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The Danger of a Return to Crime Alarmism

The mistaken belief that crime in general is up will fuel public support for policies of the past that filled the prisons, worsened economic and racial inequalities, and did little to reduce crime, warn four of the nation’s leading criminologists.

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Why Prosecutor ‘Do Not Call’ Lists Help Curb Police Misconduct

When Baltimore City and Prince George’s County recently released their lists of police officers who would no longer be called to testify in court, it raised more than a few eyebrows. But the real issue is that far too few prosecutors track police misconduct at all, writes the deputy director of John Jay’s Institute for Innovation in Prosecution.


Rethinking the ‘Sex Offender’ Label

A Colorado decision last week to scrap the “sex offender” label is an important first step, but it remains an uphill battle to change a mindset that stigmatizes people convicted of different levels of sex offenses with a one-size-fits-all description, says a justice reform advocate.

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The Secret Success of Federal Probationers

Federal offenders on probation are less likely to commit new offenses. But this finding—with significant implications for federal courts—was concealed in a recent US Sentencing Commission report which misread the data, writes a Penn State law professor.

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Why Did Texas Cops Seize $42K From This Man?

Texas police seized $42,000 from Ameal Woods’ car in 2019 when his car was stopped and searched. Texas authorities say they have the right to keep it under civil forfeiture statutes, but a class-action lawsuit argues that such searches erode Fourth Amendment rights ― and produce loss of respect for law enforcement.

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Ahmaud Arbery, Race and ‘Amateur Policing’

The self-appointed citizen watchdogs who shot Ahmaud Arbery claimed to be defending law and order, but they embodied the racialist attitudes of U.S. society. Would a nationwide training program that empowers Black and Latinx citizens to protect their communities make a difference?


How Harm Reduction Can Help Win the Fight Against Opioids

Despite three years of aggressive enforcement-based attempts to target traffickers, opioids continue to dominate illicit markets across the country. It’s time for a different response, write two reform advocates.