Dems Criticize Trump Report on Terrorists

Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said the administration’s report that 73 percent of convicted terrorists since 9/11 were foreign-born disregards the fact that homegrown extremists have killed more Americans than foreign-born ones have since 9/11.

75% of Recent Terror Convicts Were Foreign-Born

“This report reveals an indisputable sobering reality—our immigration system has undermined our national security and public safety,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He said the new compilation was “only the tip of the iceberg: we currently have terrorism-related investigations against thousands of people in the United States.”

DOJ Will Probe Drug Trafficking Linked to Hezbollah

A Justice Department prosecutor team will investigate drug trafficking and money laundering linked to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militant movement. The move is a response to reports that Obama administration officials thwarted drug prosecutions related to Hezbollah for fear of jeopardizing a nuclear deal with Iran.

MO Man a Terror Suspect in Amtrak Incident

Taylor Wilson, 26, faces charges in federal court arising from an incident in an Amtrak train en route to St. Louis through rural Nebraska last Oct. 22. Arrested after he was found “playing with the controls,” Wilson was later found to have ties with white supremacist groups and has shown interest in “killing black people,” according to the FBI.

First Law Enforcement Officer Convicted in Terror Case

Nicholas Young, a former police officer for the Washington, D.C., Metro transit system, was found guilty Monday of trying to help the Islamic State. A federal jury found Young, a 38-year-old Muslim convert, guilty of obstructing justice and offering financial support to a friend he thought had joined the terrorist organization.