High Court Ruling a ‘Victory’ for Digital Privacy Rights, says ACLU

Americans have won a “ground breaking” victory for privacy rights in the digital age, thanks to last week’s Supreme Court decision requiring police to seek a warrant in most cases to access cell phone data, according to a privacy expert with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). 

An ‘Amazon’ Approach to Testing Criminal Justice Reforms

Could low-cost, multipronged testing of innovative ideas—a strategy that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has used with stellar success—fix our justice system?  NYU Prof. Angela Hawken has pioneered a public policy app that, she tells the “New Thinking” podcast, will prove it can.


Can Artificial Intelligence Hold Police Accountable?

A new data tool called Raheem.AI that enables community residents to monitor and report police conduct anonymously and in real time will soon get its first tryout in Oakland, Ca. Developer Brandon Anderson believes it can save lives.