Shining a ‘Flashlight’ on Gun Crime

Treating minor gun crimes as future homicides has helped to cut down on violence in Houston, and a key tool for investigators is the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network, now much improved from the original program first introduced by the feds in 1999.

Can We Stop Online Violence?

A program called E-Responder, launched by the NYC Citizens Crime Commission last year, helps anti-violence workers identify risky posts on social media before they go viral–and has already reported successes in violence intervention. The group’s president says it’s worth a look by other cities, and by social media providers like Facebook.

Big Brother Online: Policing and the Cloud

Government agencies, including law enforcement, are able to access more of our personal data stored online than ever before. A Vanderbilt Law School professor says it’s time to develop a “21st century framework” for stronger privacy protection.

Big Brother: Police Use Growing Arsenal of Spy Gadgets

The rapid emergence of body cameras, cellphone hacking devices, license plate scanners, facial-recognition software and more gives authorities access to broad data on individuals who often have no clue how the information about them is gathered, stored and shared. Legislators are having trouble keeping up with the new technologies.