Will Trump Use Science to Fight Crime?

Leading criminologists told a conference at George Mason University yesterday they believe President Trump will embrace evidence-based practices in his administration’s war on crime. Officials “on the front line have to know what works, and how to pay for it,” said Laurie Robinson, a former Obama justice official.

Flawed Forensics: Wrong by a Hair

The FBI has acknowledged that at least 13 individuals in Wisconsin were convicted as a result of flawed evidence involving hair and fiber, according to Wisconsin Watch. Such errors –a factor in one-fifth of all DNA exonerations— add fuel to the burgeoning national debate over the validity of forensic evidence.

True Crime: Richard Price on Mayhem, Murder and Journalism

In an excerpt from his foreword to “The New York Times Book of Crime,” by exclusive arrangement with The Crime Report, one of the country’s masters of crime fiction writes that the best crime reporting can uncover truths about ourselves that we would sometimes prefer to ignore.