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Imprisoned U.S. Jihadists Called a ‘Ticking Time Bomb” by ISIS Expert

Unless U.S. corrections authorities develop specialized reeducation programs, Americans imprisoned for terrorist-related offenses will threaten U.S. domestic security when they are released, a journalist who wrote a book on ISIS warned Monday. Joby Warrick said Europeans have a better approach.


‘Taking a Leap’ to More Humane Incarceration

TRUE, a pilot program at a maximum security facility in Connecticut, offers prisoners a path back to normalcy, with educational programs and schedules they help devise. It’s one of several innovative experiments in changing correctional practices that reformers hope will change the face of U.S. prisons.


U.S. Braces for Election Cyberattacks

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says a “situation awareness room” in Washington will help states monitor attempts to sabotage the midterm elections. But despite her assurances, experts told a cybersecurity summit Oct. 2 that the U.S. has no credible deterrence strategies to prevent foreign cybermeddling.

Sex Trafficking: Can Private Investigators Fill Gaps Left By Police?

In Part Two of our investigation of America’s sex trafficking crisis, TCR finds a burgeoning “niche” industry of private nonprofit groups—many comprised of ex-cops or military operatives—who operate outside law enforcement. One former FBI agent maintains that if such groups didn’t exist, the picture would be a lot grimmer.

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Memory’s Surprising Role in Child Death Trials

Since 1990, at least 146 parents and caretakers have been convicted in hyperthermia deaths after unintentionally leaving their child in a vehicle. Neuroscientists and child safety advocates say these tragedies are the result of a phenomenon known as a “prospective memory” failure—not criminal negligence—and might have been prevented by public education campaigns.