The Silenced Voices at the U.S.-Mexico Border

A chaotic system created by U.S. authorities keeps destitute asylum-seekers waiting weeks in Mexican border cities like Tijuana for permission to file their claims—effectively reinforcing Washington’s hardline immigration policies. A TCR special report tells their stories.   

Department of Justice

DOJ Budget Aims at Opioids, Immigration, Cybersecurity

Under the budget sent by the White House to Congress Monday, the Justice Department will be hit with a small decrease. But it would still fare better than many other federal agencies, which could lose more than 10 percent. One agency targeted for the chopping block: the Community Oriented Policing Services program (COPS).


Miami-Dade Sex Offenders ‘Forced to be Homeless’

An ordinance that bans anyone convicted of a sex offense with a minor from living near schools effectively puts most of the county out of reach for hundreds of individuals. The ACLU argues the ordinance, like similar statutes elsewhere, is unconstitutional.


How Well Does the US Media Cover Criminal Justice?

 The verdict is mixed, according to The Crime Report’s annual survey released Friday. Despite some bright spots, continued layoffs and closures have forced many smaller news outlets to reduce their coverage, leaving millions of Americans in the dark about the practices of local courts, law enforcement and justice agencies.

el chapo

After El Chapo: Ignore Drug ‘Kingpins’, say Experts

As jurors begin deliberations this week in the trial of the Mexican drug boss, some observers fear a conviction, while welcome, could reinforce an outdated Washington strategy of going after “drug kingpins”—and complicate already dangerous power struggles in the deadly narcotics trade.