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Mystery Writers’ Furor Revives Debate Over Central Park Five

Linda Fairstein, who headed Manhattan’s Sex Crimes Unit when five youths were wrongly prosecuted in a notorious rape case 29 years ago, is now a crime novelist. But lingering anger over the case, fanned by a social media campaign, cost her a major literary award last month.


Failed Ohio Referendum Spurs ‘New Conversation’ on Drugs

Although Issue 1, a criminal justice reform in Ohio that would have removed felony convictions for drug possession, failed 65 percent to 35 percent in the midterm election Tuesday, the conversation has now shifted, and more legislators are interested in treatment for drug users, rather than mass incarceration, TCR has learned.

counter terrorism

Imprisoned U.S. Jihadists Called a ‘Ticking Time Bomb” by ISIS Expert

Unless U.S. corrections authorities develop specialized reeducation programs, Americans imprisoned for terrorist-related offenses will threaten U.S. domestic security when they are released, a journalist who wrote a book on ISIS warned Monday. Joby Warrick said Europeans have a better approach.


‘Taking a Leap’ to More Humane Incarceration

TRUE, a pilot program at a maximum security facility in Connecticut, offers prisoners a path back to normalcy, with educational programs and schedules they help devise. It’s one of several innovative experiments in changing correctional practices that reformers hope will change the face of U.S. prisons.