Hard-to-Enforce Mask Mandates Turn Transit Workers into Targets

On Jan. 21, President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order mandating masks on all forms of transit. But there’s little muscle behind the change, putting transit employees who report violators at physical risk. Other countries are faring no better, as reports of violence against transit workers increase.


The Invisible Color Line in U.S. Policing

Commentators argue that African Americans in law enforcement can play a primary role in tackling the historic legacy of police racism. But first they have to get in the door. In interviews with The Crime Report, senior Black officers say police recruitment practices are riddled with both overt and implicit bias.

college in prison

Pell Grants for Incarcerated Students: A ‘Long-Awaited’ Victory

Congress’s decision to reinstate financial aid for incarcerated students pursuing higher education has been hailed as a long-overdue achievement. But, the program will need careful monitoring to ensure that sufficient infrastructure is in place and that it is not exploited by for-profit colleges “looking for an easy buck,” experts tell The Crime Report.

How COVID-19 Worsens the Housing Crunch for Returning Citizens

The barriers faced by Kilroy Watkins to finding housing after his release from prison were formidable. But as advocates across the country pursue early release for non-violent inmates during COVID-19, the challenge of finding transitional housing in a world afflicted by the pandemic has exacerbated the already difficult barriers to successful reentry.

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Massachusetts Police Reformers Warned Donations Will Dry Up

State politicians who supported police reform and accountability measures could see future donations from law enforcement disappear. “We’re going to remember who was with us and we’re going to remember who wasn’t,” said Tom Daly, executive vice president of the New England Police Benevolent Association.

brandon bernard

Child Abuse and the Death Penalty: The Cruel Connection

On Thursday, Brandon Bernard joined the list of individuals executed for a crime committed when he was an adolescent. Convicted for his part in a gruesome murder 21 years ago, Bernard also fell victim to a system that still fails to consider an offender’s youth and background, such as a history of abuse, as a mitigating circumstance.