Does the Constitution Protect Stun Guns?

Massachusetts is one of four states that ban civilians from possessing Tasers and stun guns. A U.S. District judge is expected to rule soon on whether the ban violates the Second Amendment.

Do Criminal Defendants Have Web Rights?

A Supreme Court ruling in June overruled the conviction of a sex offender for violating his probation after posting on Facebook. But that opens up a new legal minefield over limitations on internet access for anyone convicted of a crime, warns a Washington, DC attorney.

‘Notorious RBG’ Bites Her Tongue–Most of the Time

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has promised to be “more circumspect” after boldly criticizing Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. She didn’t mention him directly during two recent speeches, but she did suggest that the judicial branch enjoys a better reputation than the executive or legislative branches of the federal government.

Gault at 50: the Unfinished Business of Juvenile Justice

As the landmark Supreme Court ruling, “In re Gault,” marks its 50th anniversary this week, advocates reflect on how it transformed the juvenile justice system—and what remains to be done.