DeVos’ Title IX Plan Draws Heated Personal Attacks

With just days remaining for the public to comment on proposed changes to the regulation on how schools handle sexual assault allegations, nearly 72,000 comments have flooded in. Amid substantive complaints about whether victims are treated fairly are personal and often profane attacks on the education secretary.

sex offender

Is a Registry for Juvenile Sex Offenders a Form of ‘Child Abuse’?

Thomas Arrowhead, now 38, was found guilty of a sodomy charge when he was 12 years old. But because he committed the offense before a 2014 Oregon law that allowed judges discretion in requiring juveniles to register as sex offenders, he will likely have to live with the label for the rest of his life.

#MeToo Cited in NYC Rape-Report Increase

While other violent crimes in New York City like murder and assault decreased or remained relatively flat, reported rapes increased 22.4 percent to 1,795 in 2018, up from 1,467 from 2017. “Historic underreporting is finally being addressed,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.