Is Weinstein Liable Under Anti-Rackeetering Laws?

Lawyers for six actresses who say they were sexually assaulted by movie producer Harvey Weinstein have filed suit arguing that he was a racketeer who used a legion of assistants, casting agents, security firms, gossip writers and others to supply himself with a stream of unwilling sexual partners and silence their complaints. Their anti-racketeering case is a civil one. It prompted discussions about whether prosecutors could make a criminal case..

Courts Reject Most Sexual Harassment Cases

Cases filed by workers against their employers are often dismissed by judges. The standard for harassment under the law is high, and only an estimated 3 percent to 6 percent of the cases ever make it to trial. That stands in stark contrast to the large numbers of people who say they have experienced sexual harassment.

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Rape Crisis Center Calls Surge Amid Sex Misconduct Stories

Managers of crisis hotlines say the barrage of news implicating men like producer Harvey Weinstein in some of the most powerful positions in Hollywood, politics and the media is prompting women from all walks of life to speak out about their own traumatic experiences with sexual assault, many for the first time. Many of the nation’s 1,300 centers are scrambling for funding, new staff members and volunteers to meet the demand.