MN Task Force to Propose Reforms in Sex Assault Probes

A task force of law officers, public health officials and victim advocates vowed to scrutinize the way sexual assaults are investigated in Minnesota, with the goal of recommending reforms to the legislature. The Minneapolis Star Tribune is publishing a series that has documented pervasive breakdowns in rape investigations.


Justice System ‘Fails to Protect’ Native American Women

More than half of Native American women have encountered sexual and domestic violence at some point during their lives, even amid a wave of efforts aimed at reducing such crimes. More than 633 are reported missing, higher than their percentage of the population.

7 Get Prison Terms in ‘Crowdsourcing’ Child Porn

Seven men from around the U.S. were given prison sentences ranging from 15 to 40 years for their role in a child pornography conspiracy. The men pleaded guilty to participating in a porn production ring that involved tricking and pressuring girls — some as young as 10 — into producing pornographic material.