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Sex Workers Decry ‘Moral Panic’ Over Human Trafficking

As the campaign against sex trafficking grows into a $47 million cottage industry, it has also been spurring a “moral panic” that sex workers say makes them increasingly vulnerable to police abuse, and turns them into targets for those with religious or moral objections to prostitution.

Nassar Gets Another Long Prison Term for Sex Abuse

Former sports doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced Monday to 40 to 125 years in prison, ending a remarkable three weeks of court hearings that dramatically personalized the pain and suffering that he caused for hundreds of women over many years. At his sentencing hearing in Eaton County, Mi., Nassar apologized for his crimes.

FBI Moved Slowly in Nassar Case As He Kept Molesting

The New York Times identified at least 27 girls and women who say that sports doctor Larry Nassar molested them between July 2015, when he first fell under FBI scrutiny, and September 2016, when he was exposed by an Indianapolis Star investigation. Some are among the youngest of the now-convicted predator’s 265 accusers.

Larry Nassar

Chasing ‘Monsters’: The Nassar and Sandusky Cases

Larry Nassar, the osteopath convicted of abusing young female gymnasts, has been compared to convicted serial child molester Jerry Sandusky. But an author who believes Sandusky may be innocent rejects the comparison, arguing that critics should focus attention on the widespread use of a therapy that can be misused in the wrong hands—and may have little scientific validity.

Last Sentencing Hearing Starts for Ex-Dr. Nassar

Former sports doctor Larry Nassar, who will again be confronted by scores of victims in Michigan as he faces another prison sentence for molesting gymnasts at an elite club run by an Olympic coach. Some question the practice of allowing accusers to speak even if they are not tied directly to a case.