LA Sheriff Complains About Release of ‘Good’ Inmates

Caddo Parish, La., Sheriff Steve Prator is angry about the new Louisiana sentencing and parole laws going into effect on Nov. 1. Prator appears worried about their effect on the bottom line of his office. “In addition to the bad ones … they are releasing some good ones that we use every day to wash cars, to change the oil in our cars, to cook in the kitchen — to do all that where we save money,” he said.

Grassley, Durbin Reintroduce Sentencing Reform

Senators reintroduce proposal to “recalibrate” prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders and target violent and career criminals.  The legislation would allow more judicial discretion at sentencing for offenders with minimal criminal histories and help inmates successfully reenter society, while tightening penalties for violent criminals and preserving key prosecutorial tools.

A ‘Common-Sense’ Correction to California’s Prop 47?

A recent California Supreme Court ruling turned down an appeal by inmates who claimed the state’s reforms to the three-strike laws under Proposition 47 entitled them to reduced sentences. The president of the LA Deputy DA’s association argues that was a needed corrective to a prisoner realignment strategy that was oversold to the public.