A ‘Common-Sense’ Correction to California’s Prop 47?

A recent California Supreme Court ruling turned down an appeal by inmates who claimed the state’s reforms to the three-strike laws under Proposition 47 entitled them to reduced sentences. The president of the LA Deputy DA’s association argues that was a needed corrective to a prisoner realignment strategy that was oversold to the public.

Report: 20 Fed Prosecutors Ignored Smart-on-Crime Initiative

A Department of Justice study of the impact of the Obama Administration’s “Smart on Crime” recommendations to reduce the number of mandatory minimum sentences for individuals convicted of federal drug crimes also found that in some cases prosecutors didn’t bother to discuss the recommendations with local law enforcement partners.

US Criminal Caseload Dropping: Report

The US Sentencing Commission’s quarterly report shows a decrease in the total number of criminal cases since 2016, despite a slight uptick in the last quarter which appears to be driven by immigration offenses. Immigration and drug crimes made up over 62% of federal criminal cases in the U.S. between October 2016 and March 2017, with firearms offenses a distant second at 11.8%.