DNA Can Be Recovered from ‘Touches’ on Drug Capsules: Study

For the first time, Australian researchers found that DNA can be recovered from the surface of three common types of drug capsules after just 15 seconds of contact — revolutionizing how law enforcement can track down and identify criminal organizations.

domestic violence

L.A. County Weighs Coverage of Domestic Abuse Forensic Exams

As Domestic Violence Awareness Month drew to a close in October, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to explore reimbursing the cost of forensic tests for DV survivors. That’s a critical step forward towards addressing a rising problem in California, and elsewhere.


Privacy & Policing: Does Your DNA Need a Lawyer?

DNA identification has been celebrated for its ability to exonerate the wrongfully convicted, but what if it’s also used by law enforcement to place you under suspicion for a crime you didn’t commit? A Stanford Law School researcher sketches out the dystopian implications of commercial geneology services.