Privacy & Policing: Does Your DNA Need a Lawyer?

DNA identification has been celebrated for its ability to exonerate the wrongfully convicted, but what if it’s also used by law enforcement to place you under suspicion for a crime you didn’t commit? A Stanford Law School researcher sketches out the dystopian implications of commercial geneology services.


Death, Driving and Texting: Is Apple Liable?

So far the tech giant Apple has swatted away lawsuits linked to fatalities caused by texting drivers. But as U.S. distracted driving-related deaths climbed past 3,000 in 2017, experts say it may take just one judge to change the story.


Science Takes a Hit at the Department of Justice

The official shutdown of the Justice Department’s Science Advisory Board was announced in a terse message to members this month. One member says it’s a step backwards from an ambitious attempt to apply scientific and evidence-based thinking to the federal justice structure.