After 9/11, Time to Rein in Big Brother?

Law enforcement needs careful guidelines to ensure the sophisticated counterterrorism surveillance tools developed in the aftermath of the New York attacks are not abused in daily police work. The UK might offer one model.


When Algorithms Ensnare the Innocent

ShotSpotter, a gunshot detection system widely used by police, has come under fire after its algorithm put a 65-year-old grandfather named Michael Williams in the Cook County jail for nearly a year based on evidence that was later deemed “insufficient.”

DNA Can Be Recovered from ‘Touches’ on Drug Capsules: Study

For the first time, Australian researchers found that DNA can be recovered from the surface of three common types of drug capsules after just 15 seconds of contact — revolutionizing how law enforcement can track down and identify criminal organizations.


‘Pegasus Project’ Uncovers a Privacy Nightmare

Military-grade spyware designed by the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group, was used to hack 37 smartphones of journalists, human rights activists and politicians, according to an investigation by 17 news organizations and the journalism nonprofit Forbidden Stories.