In Lockdown, ‘Tele-Health’ Offers High-Tech Lifeline to Justice-Involved

Borrowing the old adage to never let a good crisis go to waste, live video technology is giving individuals cut off by COVID-19 from pretrial diversion services access to treatment and counselling as an alternative to prison, writes the executive director of the Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative.

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COVID-19 Boosts Fortunes of Electronic Monitoring Firms

While COVID-19 has decimated many businesses and produced frightening unemployment rates, the makers of electronic ankle monitors are thriving. Because of the surge of releases from detention facilities, an estimated 25 percent to 30 percent more prisoners are wearing bracelets now compared to the pre-outbreak period. 


The Robot in the Courtroom

Could the robot driving your car become a witness against you? The growing sophistication of artificial intelligence tools poses special challenges about how to use the evidence they provide in criminal trials, according to a Swiss law professor.


First Video Jury Trial in U.S. Held in Suburban Dallas

A trial over a disputed insurance claim, conducted remotely because of the pandemic, began with 26 jurors taking the oath over Zoom. Such trials raise complex questions about security, a person’s right to a fair trial, and whether virtual deliberation might prevent 12 people from forming the bonds needed to hash out justice, say some judges and lawyers.

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Concerns Mount Over Hate Groups’ Use of Facebook to Promote Violence

Facebook has come under sharp scrutiny following the armed protests against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over her stay-at-home orders, which led to the Michigan state capitol being closed Thursday. Facebook insists it is taking measures to prevent being used as a channel for hate groups and conspiracy theorists.