Does FBI Have a Phone-Hacking Lab? ACLU Sues to Find Out

The ACLU is suing the FBI following the discovery of public court documents and records that indicate the FBI Electronic Device Analysis Unit can bypass encrypted cell phone information. If true, the ACLU says this will “severely undermine our digital privacy and security.”

Massachusetts Drug Lab Scandal Expands With New Probe

What has been called the largest crime lab scandal in U.S. history received another jolt last week with a Boston Globe report that the office of Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins in Massachusetts is examining the work of another chemist.

How Technology Shapes—and Sometimes Deforms—Policing Culture

Smartphones have transformed accountability, but other high-tech tools such as crime-tracking software and facial recognition can encourage “toxic” police behavior. That’s why we should take a hard look at the intersection of technology and law enforcement, writes the director of Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties Policy at the R Street Institute.