Facial Recognition

Will Privacy Be Another Casualty of the Pandemic?

Countries like China and Russia have been quick to apply facial recognition technology and other forms of high-tech surveillance to monitor the spread of infections, but little is known so far about how these tools are being used in the U.S.

electronic monitor

The Dangers of America’s Expanding ‘Digital Prison’

GPS ankle monitors have been touted as a solution to mass incarceration. But a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh argues that the spreading use of electronic surveillance by justice authorities is an insidious form of “punitive control” that reduces the chances of reintegration for the formerly incarcerated—and disproportionately impacts people of color.

Amazon’s Ring Shares Users’ Personal Data: Report

Amazon’s Ring Neighborhood Android app has been sharing users’ personal data and information to third-party companies like Google and Facebook, even if users don’t have a Facebook account, according to an investigative report by The Electronic Frontier Foundation.