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Will the Roberts Court Defend Online Fake News?

A professor at the University of California Davis School of Law predicts Supreme Court justices will defend the First Amendment principles of free speech against government attempts to curb Internet abuses—even when those abuses involve promoting falsehoods online.

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Guns Kill More Young People Than Road Accidents: Study

Firearm violence is “shattering” the younger generation, and is second only to drug overdoses as the leading killer of individuals between 15-29, according to a report by the Center on American Progress, Some 820 youths have been victims of gunfire so far this year alone.

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U.S. Corrections Population Still Dropping Slowly

The number of adults in prisons and jails or on probation or parole dropped for the ninth consecutive year in 2016, although the decline that year was less than one percent, the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics reported on Thursday. The total at year’s end 2016 was 6,613,500 people, about 62,700 fewer than a year earlier, a .9 percent drop.


Increase in Police Shootings Linked to High Gun Ownership

Officers “need to be conscious of the fact that literally every single person they come in contact with may be carrying a concealed firearm,” says John Jay College criminologist David Kennedy. According to and University of Chicago criminologist John Roman, the stronger the gun control laws, the fewer police killings.