Militarized Policing Harms Police Reputation: Study

The use of Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams and other forms of “militarized policing” doesn’t deter violent crime or provide the safety benefits (either to the public or to police officers) that many police administrators claim–and it disproportionately affects black communities, according to a study by the National Academy of Sciences. 

How Journalists Misreport the Opioid Epidemic

Most opioid patients never get addicted and most people who do get addicted didn’t start their opioid addiction with a doctor’s prescription. The result of this skewed public conversation around opioids has been policies focused relentlessly on cutting prescriptions, says the Columbia Journalism Review.


Legal Profession ‘Critical’ to Addressing Opioid Crisis: ABA

A new report by the American Bar Association’s Senior Lawyers Division makes nine recommendations and suggests 45 “action items” that it says can advance public health efforts to confront the opioid epidemic. One recommendation calls for promoting policies and laws that support families and caregivers struggling with opioid and substance misuse disorders.