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Life Tenure for Supreme Court Justices Thwarts Democracy: Paper

Lifetime appointments to the nation’s highest court have given the “politicians in robes” too much power and too little accountability, argues a forthcoming essay in the Cardozo Law Review. The writers say a bill currently in Congress proposing fixed 18-year term limits is a step towards “democratizing” the court.


Stop Putting Kids Behind Bars, Report Urges

Despite youth justice reforms in many states, the U.S. still has one of the world’s highest rates of youth incarceration. That could change if authorities eliminated detention as a “catch-all” response to behavioral, social and mental problems suffered by at-risk young people, says the Square One Project.

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State Executions Dropped to Historic Low in 2020, as Feds Defy Trend

Fewer executions were carried out in states than at any time in the past 37 years, according to the year-end report by the Death Penalty Information Center. But declining public support for capital punishment hasn’t swayed the lame-duck Trump administration, which is continuing to approve federal executions up to the time it leaves office.


Will Trump Pardons Leave Him More Vulnerable?

A move by outgoing President Donald Trump to pardon his close associates and family could leave him vulnerable to “thorough” investigations of his activities while he occupied the White House, according to a professor at the University of Missouri School of Law.


‘Inaccurate’ Data Supported Revival of Military Giveaways to Police: Studies

Two peer-reviewed studies published earlier this month concluded that providing local police departments with military gear — like high-powered rifles and armored trucks — do not reduce crime rates. The researchers also found that federal data supporting the militarization of police departments to reduce crime has long been ‘incomplete and inaccurate.’