‘Catch and Release’: Cops, Media and the Supreme Court

Police have temporarily detained journalists at protests or blocked citizen reporters from videotaping an arrest on the grounds they refused to obey lawful orders. Despite a 2019 Supreme Court ruling upholding the practice, lower courts can still find remedies to protect First Amendment rights, says a forthcoming paper.

Can DHS Survive Trump Era?

The Department of Homeland Security, the nation’s third largest federal agency, has been so deeply compromised by White House politics and systematic violations of the Constitution that only a major restructuring will help it escape calls for abolition, says a bipartisan Washington, DC think tank.


COVID-19 Puts Prosecutors at ‘Center’ of Justice Reform: Paper

The nation’s public health crisis has provided a unique opportunity for prosecutors to reduce prison populations through changes in sentencing strategies. A Washington and Lee University law professor argues that it should also serve as a roadmap for ending mass incarceration when the crisis ends.


Gun Use in Crimes Outpaces Justifiable Homicides, 35 to 1

A study by the Violence Policy Center issued amid reports of higher gun sales during the coronavirus crisis found that in 2017, there were only 298 justifiable homicides involving a private citizen using a firearm. There were 10,380 firearm homicides the same year.

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Tackling the Racial Divide in Juvenile Justice

While youth incarceration has dropped 54 percent between 2005 and 2017, extreme racial and ethnic disparities have created in effect two juvenile justice systems. A pilot project by the Annie E. Casey Foundation has produced early impressive results in narrowing the gap.


Voting Rights in Jails Need Protection: Report

More than 700,000 people held in local jails around the country are eligible to vote, but “very few do,” says the Sentencing Project, in a report calling on policymakers and jail authorities to ensure voting rights for jail inmates are protected in time for the November elections.