Can ‘Mainstream’ DAs Become Restorative Justice Supporters?

While a small but influential group of big-city “progressive” prosecutors are actively promoting restorative justice, mainstream DAs remain skeptical. The way to win more converts is to show how the concept fits within traditional justice goals — and also hope for a less hostile political environment, argues a Fordham Law Review paper.


Homicides Decline, But Report Warns Against ‘Complacency’

Homicide rates fell in April and May in most large cities as part of a general decline in street crime caused by restrictions imposed to contain COVID-19, but a report from Arnold Ventures adds “there’s reason to think 2020 will be more violent than 2019.”


After the Crime: Should Redemption Be Rewarded?

Typically, the criminal justice system is most concerned with an offender’s behavior before and during the crime committed. However, according to a forthcoming paper in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, analyzing an offender’s potentially redeeming behavior after the crime is just as important.

Feds Charged Just 27 Cops for Excessive Use of Force in 2020

Federal prosecutors filed just 27 cases against police for excessive use of force in the first seven months of FY 2020, and 49 in FY 2019, according to a new TRAC report. In FY 2019, federal prosecutors filed nearly 70,000 cases for illegal entry into the country.

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Who Should Pay for Police Misconduct?

Taxpayers usually end up footing the bill for lawsuits involving officer-involved shootings. But these settlements rarely achieve the goals of making police more accountable and deterring future misbehavior, argues a UCLA law professor.


Trauma ‘A Way of Life’ for Returning Citizens

Nearly 50 percent of former inmates experienced a traumatic event in the eight months after they were released, according to a recent Florida State University study. Citing ex-inmates’ trauma and lack of support systems, the authors believe change is long overdue.