Has the Pandemic Killed Jury Trials?

Exacerbated by the pandemic, the nationwide decline of jury trials is threatening to derail citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed access to impartial justice, according to the assistant county attorney in Harris County, Texas.

crime scene

Overall Crime Dropped in 2020: Report

The rise in homicides last year, which became a focus of media narratives about a new post-pandemic crime wave,  was an “outlier,” says a new report that explores crime rates in 22 states and the District of Columbia.


The Media and the ‘Right to be Forgotten’

At least 11 states now have automatic record expungement laws, but stories of arrests and even mugshots last forever on the internet―unless media outlets and criminal justice advocates can agree on consistent policies.


The World’s Top Jailers: 24 U.S. States

In its 2021 survey of global incarceration, the Prison Policy Initiative found that the only countries approaching the incarceration rate and ‘violent crime’ rates of individual U.S. states are El Salvador, Panama, Peru, and Turkey.


Annual Re-Arrest Percentage Declines: BJS

Some 82 percent of people released from state prisons in 2008 across 24 states were arrested at least once during the 10 years following release. But according to data analyzed by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the annual recidivism rate has been declining.


COVID Mitigation Efforts in State Prisons Called ‘Shameful Failure’

The Prison Policy Initiative (PPI) assigned grades to state prison systems that designated their effectiveness in mitigating COVID-19. The results indicate that no state received higher than a “C” — a disturbing conclusion that reflects the reality in prisons, where unsanitary conditions and tightly packed quarters allowed the virus to take hold.