Can Your Birth Year Predict Future Arrest Rates?

In an unprecedented longitudinal study conducted by Harvard researchers, the sociologists have uncovered that there’s a “birth lottery of history” — meaning that the social context of when someone comes of age influences criminality and arrest rates.

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The Risks of ‘Driving While Black’ in Baltimore County

A new report found that African Americans were targeted in 58 percent of all vehicle stops in 2020, though they comprised just 30 percent of Baltimore County’s population. Former County NAACP President Tony Fugett, who sits on the Equitable Policing Advisory Group, said the data indicated “implicit bias.”


Disenfranchising Voters a Bigger Concern than Election Fraud: Poll

A majority of respondents in a telephone poll conducted by Monmouth University Polling Institute support efforts to widen access to voting, but party lines continue to influence beliefs that the last election was marred by fraud. The results came as the Senate prepared to vote Tuesday on a proposed voting rights act.

No ‘Systematic’ Racial Bias in Presidential Pardon Process: Report

Though evidence of racial bias in the Office of the Pardon Attorney’s (OPA) pardon-petition practices is statistically insignificant, a RAND Corporation report found that successful pardon seekers are most likely to be U.S.-born white men who commit white collar crimes.