Myriad Ways to Reduce Violence Without Police: Report

Examples include creating more green space in neighborhoods, strengthening nonviolent social norms, and providing more structure for youth, according to a recent review published by the John Jay Research and Evaluation Center. These interventions have not only reduced violence; they are also cost-effective and sustainable.

scales of justice

‘The Case Against Pretrial Risk Assessment’ Tools

According to a new Pretrial Justice Institute report, extensive data prove that risk assessment instruments (RAIs) used on individuals seeking release pretrial are inherently flawed. They don’t accurately predict flight risk or violent crime offense risk, and are making assessments with biased data.


Law Enforcement Played ‘Minimal Role’ in COVID-19 Enforcement: Study

As Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, police are unlikely to play a significant role in enforcing compliance with advisories warning against travel and limiting the number of people around the dinner table to curb the spread of COVID-19—if the results of a new survey on police enforcement of pandemic restrictions so far are any indication.


Four Steps to Halting COVID-19 Behind Bars: Report

The pandemic has taken its deadliest toll on America’s prisons and jails. New guidelines prepared by a panel of experts in corrections, correctional health, economics, epidemiology, and related fields offer ways to mitigate the harm.

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Do We Really Need Traffic Cops?

Traffic stops have been triggers for many of the recent fatal encounters between police and civilians. An Arkansas law professor suggests a separate traffic agency staffed by trained civilians could perform the same public safety function with less potential for racial bias and escalation of force.