Will the Virus-Related Decline in Crime Continue?

Two Italian researchers found a 40 percent reduction in most types of crime since a shelter-at-home advisory was announced in San Francisco and Oakland. Similar declines have been reported in other cities, but the researchers acknowledge more research is needed to understand the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on criminal behavior. 


How to Ensure Safe, Effective Release and Reentry in the Time of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has injected a new meaning into the phrase “public safety.” It  requires not just the release of incarcerated individuals, but ensuring their release doesn’t further endanger their health and the health of the communities to which they return, writes a Washington, D.C,-based  attorney who specializes in sentencing and reentry issues.

Campus Cops Need Closer Scrutiny: Paper

Police departments operating in U.S. colleges and universities have the same arrest and investigative powers as their municipal counterparts, but aren’t subject to the same standards of accountability and transparency, charges a new study.


How to Stop the ‘Third Wave’ of Racial Profiling

Civil rights advocates have achieved significant success in curtailing racial profiling in traffic stops, and in practices that single out “Arabic-looking” individuals as terror suspects. But a third type of profiling that targets people of color for being in places where they don’t “belong” is the next challenge for law enforcement authorities, says a Pittsburgh law professor.