Jail is No Place for the Homeless, say Police Chiefs

Incarceration is not an effective solution for cities faced with the challenge of homelessness, 250 of the nation’s top chiefs and sheriffs concluded in a recent conference. In a report on the conference, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) offers 11 recommendations for change.


Why Decarceration Still Eludes Prison Reformers

Local jails have become critical drivers for the growth in U.S. prison populations, says a study released Thursday by the Vera Institute of Justice. Reversing that trend is now one of the nation’s biggest challenges, say the study authors.


What Drives Men to Commit Violence?

Researchers at Kansas State University say that adherence to an “honor culture” is a predictor of violent male behavior in many parts of the US—but such behavior isn’t admired by peers if the violence is unprovoked.