Feeling ‘Dirty’ About Sentencing

Retired Federal Judge Schira Scheindlin has said mandatory-minimum requirements made her feel “dirty.” Other judges have joined the chorus of justice reformers who complain rigorous sentencing guidelines are unfair. But are they addressing the wrong problem?

When Prosecutors Ignore the Constitution

Judges in New York have been urged to formally remind prosecutors of their obligation to turn over evidence that might exonerate defendants before a trial— or face contempt charges. It’s a step long advocated by reform advocates like the Innocence Project—will other states follow suit?

Minor Crimes, Major Challenges

Police enforcement of minor crimes contributes to clogged courts and may exacerbate racial tensions, write John Jay President Jeremy Travis and associate professor of psychology Preeti Chauhan. Last Friday, John Jay College announced the creation of a data-driven research network aimed at helping policymakers and law enforcement authorities explore different approaches.