After the Crime: Should Redemption Be Rewarded?

Typically, the criminal justice system is most concerned with an offender’s behavior before and during the crime committed. However, according to a forthcoming paper in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, analyzing an offender’s potentially redeeming behavior after the crime is just as important.


95 Percent of Americans Want Police Reform: Poll

Adults across the nation were surveyed between June 11th and June 15th through the Associated Press-NORC’s University of Chicago’s AmeriSpeak Panel. Roughly 70 percent of responders, across all races, believe officers involved in misconduct cases are “treated too leniently by the justice system.”

How the ‘Collateral Consequences’ of Conviction Can Last a Lifetime

Millions of Americans with criminal records are stymied from leading normal lives because of state and federal statutes that can bar them from getting certain jobs, finding housing or exercising their right to vote. A Rutgers scholar says some of the barriers are coming down, and there’s reason to hope that the process will continue.