Colorado Bill Proposes Curbs on Use of Solitary in Jails

New legislation would require Colorado’s jails to keep people with certain medical and mental health conditions out of solitary confinement. While advocates and family members of victims support the bill, sheriffs say more funding will be necessary to implement the changes.

marlon peterson

A Prison Abolitionist’s Plea: We Need a Better Solution for ‘Egregious Harm’

Marlon Peterson emerged from 10 years in prison with a degree and a conviction that incarceration  is an ultimately futile tool of the U.S. justice system. In an interview for the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation’s “At the Crossroads” series, he tells writer Greg Berman that punishment alone cannot address the traumas at the root of violent criminal behavior.

Virginia Law Ends Secrecy of Police Records

Virginia will now give families and advocacy groups greater access to police records for law enforcement misconduct cases and inactive criminal investigations, according to a new law. Many say this is a big step towards greater transparency, but critics are concerned about an invasion of privacy.