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Why Criminal Justice Too Often Goes Criminally Wrong

Although everyone grasps in a general way that “stuff happens” in the U.S. criminal justice system, what most Americans don’t see is that once things do go wrong there is an elaborate architecture in place to guarantee that things will stay wrong.


NJ Expunged 362,000 Marijuana Records

Over this summer, New Jersey was able to successfully dismiss and expunge 362,000 low-level marijuana cases, allowing thousands of people a chance at starting fresh with a clean record. Advocates say there could be an additional 150,000 cases expunged soon.


The Missing Link in Justice Reform: People

Ordinary Americans are virtually absent from roles of power and influence in all of our justice systems. That’s too often overlooked in reform conversations, says TCR’s legal affairs columnist.

Growing Old on Death Row

Lengthy appeals and the growing number of states that are refusing to impose the death penalty have turned the nation’s death rows into high-cost senior citizens facilities ― with many of the inmates suffering from dementia or other serious illness.