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Tackling Racism in Courts and Police: Start with the System

What often appear to be racist acts by individuals in our justice structures are in fact reflections of “systemic” bias—and they need to be addressed at the root, writes TCR’s legal affairs columnist. He suggests the recent root-cause analysis of the deaths of two men in police custody in Tucson is an example of how that should be done.


‘The Madness of Incarceration’: The Corrosive Effect of U.S. Jails and Prisons

Anyone who has experienced the dehumanizing environment of most U.S. prisons would not be surprised by the high levels of recidivism in our corrections system, says psychiatrist Dr. Christine Montross. In a conversation with TCR about her new book, Dr. Montross argues nothing will change until we treat incarcerated people with “humanity.”


Kentucky’s Youth Justice Overhaul Gets Mixed Review

An Urban Institute study of Kentucky’s landmark youth justice reform law passed in 2014 found that nearly nine out of 10 youth completed diversion programs and avoided formal court involvement. Nevertheless, race and ethnic disparities in the diversion programs were “significant and persisted,” and recidivism rates didn’t statistically change.


What ‘Systemic’ Police Reform Really Means

Polls show most Americans now support solutions to the ‘broader problems’ of modern policing. A law enforcement scholar examines what a police department committed to fundamental change would look like.

Digging Our Way Out of the Hole: The Safe Alternative to Solitary

Countless prisoners are held in solitary confinement because they are believed to pose a threat to correctional management. But there are better ways to maintain order than to impose a punishment that causes deep psychological harm, writes a former inmate who spent years enduring the “madness” of administrative segregation.


Wisconsin Gets a ‘B’ on Police Reform

The state where one of the most egregious recent examples of police use-of-force occurred—the shooting of Jacob Blake—is ahead of other jurisdictions in policing reforms. But critics say Wisconsin still has far to go.