Can We Build an ‘Infrastructure’ for Violence Prevention?

The small number of individuals involved in shootings within any given community are connected by a web of social relationships in which violence follows the same predictable pathways as any pathogen, suggests Chicago criminologist Andrew Papachristos. In the latest installment of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation “Crossroads” interviews, he explains how that research finding can inform efforts to reduce gun violence.

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Why Prosecutor ‘Do Not Call’ Lists Help Curb Police Misconduct

When Baltimore City and Prince George’s County recently released their lists of police officers who would no longer be called to testify in court, it raised more than a few eyebrows. But the real issue is that far too few prosecutors track police misconduct at all, writes the deputy director of John Jay’s Institute for Innovation in Prosecution.


NYC Dashboard Shows 45,789 Released Individuals Awaiting Trial

For the first time, New York City has a complete picture of its pretrial population, thanks to the latest data visualization and database tool created by the city’s Criminal Justice Agency and Luminosity, Inc. The Pretrial Release Dashboard brings in “key facts” that many say have been missing from the bail reform debate.

North Carolina’s ‘Geriatric Death Row’

North Carolina has been increasingly criticized for failing to provide medical care and attention to the inmate population on Death Row — of whom 90 percent are over the age of 50, which the state defines as elderly. It’s not the only state addressing the problem of aging incarcerees.