The Challenge of Freeing the Wrongfully Convicted Lifer

Joseph Sledge was sentenced to life without parole in North Carolina for a murder he didn’t commit. It took 36 years for him to be freed, largely because exoneration cases focus on those given the death penalty—a dilemma faced by inmates in many states where capital punishment has been abolished. 

Marijuana Laws ‘Central’ to Justice Reform, Advocates Say

As protests against racism continue to march on across the country, conversations have sparked a new dialogue about policing and marijuana legalization. Advocates say “drug policy is a social justice issue” and that by legalizing marijuana, unwanted negative and racially-charged interactions with the police will subside.


Can ‘Mainstream’ DAs Become Restorative Justice Supporters?

While a small but influential group of big-city “progressive” prosecutors are actively promoting restorative justice, mainstream DAs remain skeptical. The way to win more converts is to show how the concept fits within traditional justice goals — and also hope for a less hostile political environment, argues a Fordham Law Review paper.


How ‘Stop Snitching’ Undermines Justice Reform

This month’s anti-police fervor is bolstering the Stop Snitching movement. That couldn’t be a more counterproductive result for communities already disproportionally victimized by racism in the justice system, writes a University of Pennsylvania professor.

juvenile justice

Adult Court is No Place for Young People

Laws and practices that treat justice-involved young people as though they were “little adults” fail to make communities safer, subject youth to harmful conditions of confinement, and drive racial disparities, write two advocates for reform.


The Argument for Prison Abolition

Recent calls for abolishing prisons and defunding police received a favorable hearing at a University of Pennsylvania Law School webinar Wednesday. One law professor envisioned “a world in which we don’t resort to state violence to resolve interpersonal violence.”