la county sheriffs

Los Angeles County to Help Families of Cop-Shooting Victims

The “family assistance program” approved by the county board of supervisors this month will provide financial assistance and counselling. Board members said the program aimed to help those who had received “incomplete or contradictory information about the death of their loved ones.”

central park 5

In Exonerations, How You Communicate Matters

Which is more powerful: a good story, or a telling statistic? The success of the recent documentary on the Central Park 5  suggests effective storytelling can change public attitudes, but that might not be enough to change public policy, according to two scholars. 

Rachel Rollins

Why Rachael Rollins Makes Boston’s ‘Courthouse Regulars’ Nervous

Boston’s DA is under fire from critics, including the local press, for decisions that allegedly let “criminals off the hook.” In fact, she’s pursuing the vision of justice that won her election as a “progressive” prosecutor—and threatens defenders of the status quo, argues TCR’s legal columnist.

second chance

How Miami-Dade Prosecutors Deliver a ‘Second Chance’

The success of a program aimed at making it easier for individuals to seal or expunge their criminal records is worth a closer look by skeptics in other jurisdictions, Miami-Dade’s state attorney and her chief of staff write in a joint essay.