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Black and White Justice

All too often our justice system isn’t equally fair to youth of all races, writes an R Street Fellow. Here are some ways to change that.

Curtis Flowers

Court Reverses Curtis Flowers Conviction

The Supreme Court reversed the most recent conviction of Flowers, a black Mississippian who has been tried an extraordinary six times for a quadruple murder in 1996, finding that a zealous prosecutor again improperly kept African Americans off the jury.

juvenile justice

Racial Gap in Juvenile Arrests Continues to Grow, Despite Reforms

A recent report found that 43 percent of boys and 34 percent of girls in juvenile facilities are African American, although blacks make up just 14 percent of all youths under 18 in the U.S. In California, lawmakers and youth advocates are working to address the disparities with diversion programs, rehabilitative care and legislative policy changes.