ACLU Report Exposes Racism in Baltimore PD

A new report from the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland explores how race plays out in claims against Baltimore police officers. Among its findings: a white resident’s complaint against a Baltimore police officer is 61 percent more likely to be upheld than a Black resident’s.

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Bail Reform and Racial Justice

As the nation honors Martin Luther King Jr., a study of the impact of New York’s controversial 2020 bail reform by the Data Collaborative for Justice at John Jay College concluded that more than 12,000 individuals—most of them Black or brown New Yorkers—could likely have avoided pretrial detention if the legislation had been in effect a year earlier.


Why Police Diversity Won’t Fix the Problems of Policing

Setting different political priorities is at the heart of the current protests against policing, and they can’t possibly be addressed by hiring a few more Black and Latino police officers to wage an ongoing war on the poor, write two leading criminologists.

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Teach Cops to Make Citizens ‘Believe They Count,’ Webinar Told

Researchers at a webinar session on mitigating racial disparities in the justice system endorsed the approaches of “procedural justice,” training on implicit bias and de-escalation of potentially violent incidents. Members of the public tend to get along with police officers who “treat them with dignity and respect,” said Yale law professor Tracey Meares.