Is Racism a Public Health Crisis?

Louisville is considering joining 19 other jurisdictions with a declaration linking racism to public health. One local official argues it would help establish funding priorities and lead to regular reports on how governments are addressing racial inequality.

Black Mayors Offer Police Reform Plan Without Defunding

The African American Mayors Association calls for transparency in policing, more funds for community engagement, and a reevaluation of union contracts, among other reforms.  “We don’t want to lose the focus of this moment,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, second vice chair of the group. “We don’t have a lot of time.”


U.S. Legal System Accused of Abetting Racism

Panelists at an Institute for Innovation in Prosecution webinar Thursday criticized the justice system for its failure to address violent crime and its “social construction” of violence. One advocate said that even progressive prosecutors fall short of tackling the system’s institutional racism.


New Initiative to Focus on Prosecutors and Race

A first-of-its-kind initiative to tackle longstanding racial inequities in criminal justice by focusing on the impact of prosecutors on Black people and communities was announced Thursday by the Vera Institute of Justice and the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution.

Why Justice Still Eludes Crack Offenders

The First Step Act, passed in 2018, was intended to remedy the disproportional racial impact of America’s drug laws with sentencing reductions for nonviolent crack offenses. But many circuit judges have ignored Congress’ intent, making them “complicit in a decades-old mass incarceration scheme,” writes a legal scholar from Wesleyan University.