juvenile justice

Racial Gap in Juvenile Arrests Continues to Grow, Despite Reforms

A recent report found that 43 percent of boys and 34 percent of girls in juvenile facilities are African American, although blacks make up just 14 percent of all youths under 18 in the U.S. In California, lawmakers and youth advocates are working to address the disparities with diversion programs, rehabilitative care and legislative policy changes.

Black Girls ‘Criminalized’ By Stereotypes, Bias

African-American girls don’t misbehave more or commit more serious infractions, experts say, yet they often receive more severe penalties for the same behavior as whites. They are nearly six times more likely to get out-of-school suspension than white counterparts and more likely to be suspended multiple times than any other gender or race of students.


Jim Crow: Alive and Well in U.S. Prisons

If you’re black, incarcerated, and have made an effort to improve your mind in prison, you’re likely to be considered dangerously arrogant by guards—and even fellow inmates—who think you’re getting ahead of “your station.” TCR’s columnist can speak from experience.