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The Unbroken Link Between Slavery, Jim Crow and Mass Incarceration

Belton “Money Rock” Platt, a young, flamboyant drug dealer in Charlotte, N.C., spent 20 years in prison before emerging to become a minister.  In a new book, journalist Pam Kelley places his life story in the context of generations of southern racism, and in a chat with TCR she explains why such stories remain painfully relevant today.


Housing Segregation Fuels Inequalities of U.S. Justice System, says Historian

Richard Rothstein, a Distinguished Fellow of the Economic Policy Institute, said Thursday that systemic residential segregation continues to have a corrosive effect on U.S. justice. Calling for a resurgent civil rights movement in a speech at John Jay College, he charged the biggest obstacle to change was the Trump administration.


‘Don’t Mistake Punishment for Justice’

A journalist whose brother was sent to prison for murder recounts the long-term impact on his family and community in “My Brother Moochie.” In a conversation with TCR about his book, Issac Bailey explains how the experience informed his own perspective about race and incarceration in the American South.

Court Upholds Order Stemming from Arpaio Profiling

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction against Maricopa County, Az., arising from former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s racial profiling tactics and a contempt finding against him for willfully violating a previous order to stop the practice. The case has already cost the county more than $100 million for training and technology and to compensate victims for rights violations.


Inside Prison, Racial Pride Often Looks Like Hypocrisy

Many incarcerated individuals develop a cultural or racial consciousness they ignored when they were free—and prison authorities encourage it as a healthy way to build character. But there’s a dark underside, says a Washington State inmate.