White-Collar Crime: Keeping Cases Out of the Courtroom

A white-collar defense attorney explains how “pro-active” engagement with prosecutors has helped his clients avoid going to trial or at least present evidence that could change a case’s outcome. He calls it “trying a case in a prosecutor’s office.”

Portrait of a Texas DA Who’s a Gang Member

In 2016, conservative Nueces County, Tx., elected Mark Gonzalez, a 38-year-old Democrat and self-described “Mexican biker lawyer covered in tattoos,” as district attorney. Gonzalez had never prosecuted a single case. He is a progressive prosecutor who still has filed death penalty cases.

How Ex-Prisoners Help ACLU Reform Prosecution

The American Civil Liberties Union is launching voter education and mobilization campaigns in up to two dozen cities across 10 states as part of its campaign to reduce jail and prison populations. Other advocates are also organizing around prosecutor elections, and social justice political action committees are spending big to elect reformers.