A Dirty Yard Could Cost You $200K in CA Desert Cities

Cities in poor sections of the Coachella Valley use privatized prosecutors who bill residents exorbitant “prosecution fees” for minor infractions–$18,000 for a family with a busted garage door and trashy yard, $31,000 for a man who added on to his house without a permit. Advocates say the practice, sanctioned by local city councils, is a thinly veiled money-making scheme.

Ex-Phila. DA Williams Gets Maximum Five-Year Term

Seth Williams, once hailed as a long-awaited reformer of Philadelphia’s criminal justice system, was hauled out of court in handcuffs after the sentence was imposed in his corruption case. U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond called him a “criminal” who “fed his face at the trough” of public money.

Dean Gillispie

Blind Injustice: How ‘Tunnel Vision’ Convicts the Innocent

Roger Dean Gillispie was found guilty of rape, even though he didn’t match eyewitness descriptions, and the evidence made clear he was nowhere near the scene of the crime. He spent more than 20 years behind bars until the Ohio Supreme Court this year gave him back his freedom. The director of the Ohio Innocence Project, who worked on his case, tells the story.

Doctor’s Attorney Donated to Vance Amid Plea Deal

A donation of $250 to the campaign of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance raises questions about how his office vets contributions for potential conflicts of interest, CBS News reports. The donation came from a defense attorney on the day a key motion was filed in a sexual assault case that ended with a plea deal.