How Ex-Prisoners Help ACLU Reform Prosecution

The American Civil Liberties Union is launching voter education and mobilization campaigns in up to two dozen cities across 10 states as part of its campaign to reduce jail and prison populations. Other advocates are also organizing around prosecutor elections, and social justice political action committees are spending big to elect reformers.


Why the Prosecutor’s Role in Officer-Involved Deaths Has Become Critical

When police kill unarmed civilians, the path towards accountability begins with prosecutors. Elected to serve their communities as the chief law enforcement official, they have the means and mandate to confront the injustices that arise from systemic racism, writes the director of John Jay’s Institute for Innovation in Prosecution.

Is Defeat of 6 TX DAs a Justice Reform Victory?

After half of the Texas district attorneys seeking re-election were defeated in primaries last week, a board member of the National District Attorneys Association says, “Incumbency does not have the shield that it once did.” The question is how many of the winners are progressive reformers.

Two Texas Prosecutors Lose Primary Election

Defense lawyer Joe Gonzales defeated San Antonio District Attorney Nico LaHood in Tuesday’s primary election. The DA says he was the subject of “$1 million worth of lies,” citing contributions from a political action committee backed by George Soros. In McLennan County, District Attorney Abel Reyna, who was criticized for his handling of a gang shootout involving 180 bikers, also lost.