New NY Push to Increase Prosecutors’ Disclosure

New York is one of 10 states where prosecutors can wait until just before trial to share evidence with defendants and their attorneys. Suspects may be pushed to enter plea deals without knowing the extent of the evidence against them. The state bar association, the Legal Aid Society and the Innocence Project are seeking a law requiring earlier disclosure.

An Appeal to Prosecutors: We Hold the Power to Reform Justice

A former prosecutor says he is making amends for courtroom actions that “harmed” individuals by working for justice reform. He calls on his former colleagues to join him by changing their focus from getting convictions to achieving fair and humane outcomes.

America’s New Breed of Prosecutors

Prosecutors across the U.S. are taking important steps to remedythe disproportionate impact that the criminal justice system has on marginalized communities.

New Breed of Prosecutors Make Progressive Changes

Many young prosecutors are avoiding the death penalty, talking rehabilitation as much as punishment, and often refusing to charge people for minor offenses. While their numbers are small, they are taking over DA offices at a crucial moment as many states abandon the strict law-and-order approaches of the past.