Why Justice System is Reluctant to Admit It’s Wrong

No one tracks how often the wrongly convicted are pressured to accept plea deals in lieu of exonerations. In Baltimore City and County alone—two separate jurisdictions with their own prosecutors—ProPublica identified at least 10 cases in the last 19 years in which defendants with viable innocence claims ended up signing “Alford” pleas or time-served deals.

How Milwaukee Fights Intimidation of Witnesses

When a man was killed in 2007 after he resisted threats and bribes and testified against a man who had shot him, District Attorney John Chisholm created a team of investigators to target people who threaten witnesses. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tells how the effort has worked, in a six-part series.

New NY Push to Increase Prosecutors’ Disclosure

New York is one of 10 states where prosecutors can wait until just before trial to share evidence with defendants and their attorneys. Suspects may be pushed to enter plea deals without knowing the extent of the evidence against them. The state bar association, the Legal Aid Society and the Innocence Project are seeking a law requiring earlier disclosure.