Florida AG Opposes Simpson Plan to Move There

“Our state should not become a country club for this convicted criminal,” said Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi of O.J. Simpson. Simpson’s attorney called Bondi a “stupid b—-,” and said, “She has zero standing to even talk about Mr. Simpson’s case. She’s the attorney general, she has nothing to do with it.”

Want to Shrink Our Prisons? Fix Probation and Parole

Over 4.7 million Americans are under “community corrections” supervision today—more than twice the number of individuals behind bars. Rethinking that 19th-century approach is crucial if we want to end mass incarceration, say the authors of a Harvard Kennedy School paper released today.

NY Times-PBS Reporting Explores Parole

As prison populations drop, the number of parolees is increasing. For more than a year, the New York Times and PBS’ “Frontline” followed newly released prisoners as they tried to find homes and jobs, reconnect with loved ones and avoid temptation. Some parolees discovered that the system created to help them can also hold them back.