Private Prisons Offer ‘Poor Compensation, Instability’ to Employees: Study

An Oregon State University professor says his comparative study of prison demographics also supports critics who claim private prisons “skim the best inmates with the lowest needs in their attempt to minimize costs.” The study found that inmates in for-profit institutions serve disproportionately shorter sentences than those incarcerated in state and federal prisons.

Sessions Restores Federal Use of Private Prisons

A spokesman for Attorney General Jeff Sessions said his move will restore the federal flexibility to manage the federal inmate population based on capacity needs.” The measure rescinds a DOJ decision last August to “substantially” reduce the use of private prisons, which then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates argued “do not save substantially on costs and … do not maintain the same level of safety and security.”

Private Prison Firms Expect To Profit Under Trump Orders

President Trump has authorized the use of private contractors “to construct, operate, or control facilities” in what is expected to be a substantial ramp-up of the massive detention system that thrived under the Obama administration. With the number of immigrant detainees already at historic levels, critics warn that rapidly expanding prisons will only exacerbate squalid living conditions and substandard medical care.