Prison Strike Focusing on ‘Slave Labor’ Protest

Organizers say prisoner protests are widespread, focused on inmate work for little or no pay. “Prisoners aren’t oblivious to their reality,” said Paul Wright of the Human Rights Defense Center, a longtime critic of prison conditions. “They see people dying around them. They see the financial exploitation. They see the injustice.”


Prison Strikes Spread Nationwide, say Reports

The planned 19-day strike, the first such nationwide action in the U.S. in two years, appears to be gathering traction, according to unconfirmed reports. Organizers hope to bring to public attention the spate of deaths in custody as well as what they say are inhumane living conditions.

Abolition Movement Wants More than Prison Reforms

While politicians in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere debate prison reforms, a group of abolitionists — young, mostly black lawyers, academics, artists, authors and community organizers — believe that the criminal justice system as we know it is inherently cruel, perpetuates systemic racism, and must be overhauled completely.

DOJ Probing Abuse of Women in FL’s Lowell Prison

The investigation follows a similar Justice Department probe of a women’s prison in Alabama. “It seems that Lowell has a real cultural problem, and the Florida Department of Corrections, in general, has a huge cultural problem in the way they handle sexual abuse,” says a former Justice Department civil rights lawyer.